Xbox 360: change to PAL 60hz

Saturday 05 May 2007 10:25

After getting back my Xbox 360 from repair I was reminded of an awkward bug in the system. I couldn't play two of my games, DOA and Crackdown, because they only run in PAL 60Hz. The default setting for my Xbox system is PAL 50Hz. Seems ok right? just go to settings > video and make the changes. But its not so simple. My Xbox is running in HD mode through component input to my TV. This completely removes the options for choose PAL settings from the system menu leaving (I presume) many users lost.

The solution is to turn off your Xbox 360, change the switch on the video cable from HDTV to TV and then turn back on. This usually involves digging out the video block, connecting it up and finding a scart input to your TV. Now you can access the PAL settings to make the change to 60Hz. Then you can unplug all your cables and put it back as it was!

This is incredibly annoying. It seems these games are detecting a system setting and refusing to run, even when you're running in high-def mode and that setting (I assume) doesn't figure in to the equation as the Xbox doesn't even let you access it when in HD mode.

Update: Thanks for the comments. If your picture is coming up in black and white it's likely that your TV doesn't support 60hz and this is the best picture it can make from the signal.

Comments welcome!

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17 Feb 2012 09:26 by Wolf
If you are still having trouble go to initial setup (if you have an xbox) then change the 480p to PAL 60
30 Dec 2011 06:56 by John
For those of you still having problems.... here is the solution in layman's terms:

Some older televisions do not support PAL 60 Hz. If you do not know whether your TV supports PAL 60 Hz, contact the manufacturer of your TV or see the user manual.

The PAL setting options are only available when your console is connected to a TV with a composite A/V cable or a component HD A/V cable (with the HDTV switch set to TV).

the UK version has separate ports for HDTV and TV so take note.

If your TV supports PAL 60, Follow the steps below (note: with component HD A/V cable not HDMI).

Go to the Settings hub, and choose System.
Select Console Settings.
Select Display.
Select PAL settings then change to PAL60.

Note: you might notice some colour change (black & white). do not worry... just save the setting and turn off the console.

Now connect the HDMI cable and turn the console back on.

Very simple guys. Please do not chuck your XBOX.. they are very expensive lol
4 Nov 2011 07:12 by soprano
cheers mate you legend just got hitman blood money to play through befoe absolution comes out
10 Jun 2011 04:54 by brandon
thanks lad
28 May 2011 09:25 by Bahjaat
thanks, it 's working now!
21 Apr 2011 03:14 by baleca
my tv as no 60hz and the quality sucks,if i buy a hdmi to dvi will it help or?
23 Jan 2011 05:01 by menzies
USELESS MICROSOFT! y do they always have to make things so much more difficult? surely some guru on their team of merry @#%^! can make an update to sort out this pain
3 Jan 2011 06:29 by kev1990
Hi guys,

my bf got t he new xbox for his crimbo and just like the rest of your comments he can only play it in black and white. He is about to toss the thing out the window to be honest. We cant seem to find the switch mentioned in all your comments can someone please help us!???
24 Aug 2010 10:44 by Vtdvoutd
Thankyou so muuuuuuuuch great help!!!!!!
4 Aug 2010 08:41 by djedi00
A million thanks!!! :-)
2 Aug 2010 10:36 by Im Stuck
where exactly is this switch?
20 Jun 2010 08:10 by steve
cheers man. legend
7 Jun 2010 04:55 by DiSilluSiv3
Thanks, helped alot =D
28 May 2010 08:36 by finchy
Uh yeah my TV screen start to flicker BADLY!!! please give me some help. thanks
7 Apr 2010 08:12 by Jye
i have 360 elite and when i select PAL60 it goes black and when picture returns it is still pal 50? what do?
19 Feb 2010 07:58 by deb
cant get the outfit to play its to do with this pal 60 business my boy is gutted any ideas !!!!!!!!!!
4 Feb 2010 12:58 by IronDragoon
Alright, here's the problem I'm having.. I'm currently stationed in Iraq, and I just bought an XBox 360 Elite.. I have a regular, straight HDMI cable which does *not* have the HDTV to TV switch. What cable do I need? A link to a company that ships to APOs (Best Buy does) would be greatly appreciated.
22 Jan 2010 08:47 by pierre
Really big thanks, this saved my night! :)
20 Jan 2010 06:59 by John Smerks
Hi my Xbox is connectet to my Hd Tv with HDMI cable and when I try to pla Hitman Blood Money its askin me to change my display to Pal-60 from my console setting but i cant plz help me to make it Work?? Thanks!!
2 Jan 2010 05:51 by me
thankz yo
25 Dec 2009 03:37 by xbox_mom
Bless you for this info!!!! It's Xmas day and one of my son's new games brought up the error message about the Hertz. Luckily we remembered where the lead with Red, Green, Blue phonos was and there on the other end of that was the Hertz switcher! Didn't need scart - just that switcher and reboot. Thanks again!
26 Aug 2009 12:39 by tootrue
i bought a new tv and every time i set my xbox to pal 60 the screen goes blury but in color help me plz
13 Jul 2009 10:52 by Grufter
Thanks for the help bud. All I had to do is dig out my standard av cable connect via white/red/video and i could then change my pal settings. re-connected my HDMI, waited a couple of seconds and DONE! Console is now running in 1080p 60HZ.
28 Jun 2009 11:45 by Microhaze
Thanks a lot, games are running fine now after using your advice.
26 Jun 2009 10:12 by yo every1
it doesnt work..i think the tv supports PAL can you change the tv settings to 60Hz?its a philips
14 Jun 2009 03:05 by Xbox Junkie
dudee thanks alot i was gonna take it back n get a refund im so glad i found ur info before i did .........TOPMAN!!
8 Jun 2009 03:51 by Hisham
It worked for me, thank you very much
2 May 2009 01:27 by BRU407
You mate are a fukin ledgend you dont know how long i have been trying to fix this problem. thanksa fucken heap
10 Feb 2009 10:25 by Dblackghost
Thanks works!! :-)
7 Feb 2009 06:48 by Starshooters
Cheers man, was so much help, f''king xbox manual had nothing about this ¬_¬

thanks again
7 Feb 2009 10:57 by J - Eyes on the Horizon
Dude you are a life saver! many thanks buddy!
1 Feb 2009 03:01 by Carlo
Hey Man I don't have cables, Its just ONE basic HDMI cable that goes in the back of the tv :S
9 Jan 2009 08:12 by huderz04
what settings system
8 Jan 2009 05:13 by Mathias
Hi. I have a xbox 360 Elite and when i change to 60pal it just be white and black :(

5 Jan 2009 01:48 by JoetheElephant
I have an Arcade 360. No matter what I do the screen is in Black and White. If I hook it up to a High Def TV the picture is in color but it will not play games that are rated for 60 hertz. I am a Missionary in Madagascar and I bought it in South Africa. I am now in the USA and it these are the problems that I am encountering. Can anyone help?
30 Dec 2008 05:32 by Deano
Tried all this. Problem for me is when I select PAL 60 screen goes black for a bit and then comes back with it still in PAL 50 mode. Frustrating. TV Is HD but using AV cable. Any ideas
29 Dec 2008 11:20 by Rick
yeah i have the same problem

-when i set my tv to pal 60hz for my xbox360 its in black and white :/

can anyone help please? as most of my games require 60 pal setting
17 Dec 2008 08:54 by Peter
I have an arcade 360 and when i change 2 PAL 60 everything goes blck and white so i cant play well on PGR4. Wot do i do????
28 Nov 2008 12:14 by jammy doja
yeh mate helped me loads,
6 Nov 2008 08:36 by jacobb164
5 Nov 2008 07:05 by Dan
Thanks, can play blood money now!!!
4 Oct 2008 01:58 by Kevblog
The switch is on the xbox end of the cable which connects to your TV. So its actually ON the cable itself on the large plastic lump bit sticking out of the xbox.
1 Oct 2008 08:11 by gfd
i cant find this switch ur talkin about
22 Sep 2008 06:16 by phil
my xboxs paly setting is at 50 n i cnt fnd how to change to 60
14 Sep 2008 08:25 by jonnerEIRE
this worked like a charm thanks

the heart of a horse this man has ! haha
6 Sep 2008 06:50 by nextgladiator
Thanks fella
4 Aug 2008 02:35 by Janitsi
Richard, you asked ''does anyone reckon or know if gta4 will be in 50hz??''

And i can gladly tell, that Grand Theft Auto 4 supports 50hz.
13 Jul 2008 06:47 by Billthedonkey
You are a legend
10 Jul 2008 12:57 by timmo
cheers bud
27 Jun 2008 10:57 by Suder
Thanks for the help. 10/10
13 Jun 2008 04:06 by StevenMcmurray
Thanks Man (y) ! ..
Ive Been Soo Annoyed Trying To Work it Out :L
Legend ;) !
13 Jun 2008 03:20 by Polack Jack
Man Graphics look shit now.

Cheers for the info dude was on the verge of taking a crowbar to my 360.
24 May 2008 01:20 by skafa
top 1000 tanx from me mate youre the best
now i can finnaly play HITMAN BLOODMONEY Again
19 May 2008 10:59 by Jim
Thanks mate, you have just saved me smashing my xbox up!!! lol
15 May 2008 06:53 by Bomben
fuck i was getting aggravated, just wanted to play, but NO.
Thanks for this!
14 May 2008 06:37 by poopy
yeah couldnt believe this setting was hidden and i was in bloody 50hz all the time now i have 60hz which is what it should be, just need to shutdown then flick the switch on cable-boot up set for 60hz shutdown flick switch again (yawn) and bootup, now all we need is a setting like ps3 so you dont autoboot any disc you put into console that would be sweet.
21 Apr 2008 08:12 by richard
my telly isn't crazily old, maybe between 10-15 years (ok its no spring chicken) but it doesn't take 60hz, which means i'm fucked, after buying an xbox360 and realising this fundamental flaw, half of my games are going to be in fuzzy black and white, furious! does anyone reckon or know if gta4 will be in 50hz??
8 Apr 2008 02:52 by Hicky
Fantastic been farting around for hours some games worked like gears of war which is supposed to be pal60 only.very strange glad to have now sorted it.YOUR AN ANGEL cheers
31 Mar 2008 05:33 by oioi
thanx 4 the help bbe love u long time
30 Mar 2008 02:24 by Rowley
Cheers mate!
7 Mar 2008 03:06 by joker
nice i was trying for like 30 mins
2 Mar 2008 07:10 by Shadow Bat
You just saved me shit loads of time! Thanks very much mate!
10 Dec 2007 09:45 by waheey
oh thank god mate i was buggering around for ages with it lol
26 Nov 2007 10:57 by Zoomy
year m8 if u got Xbox 360 u are well cool
3 Oct 2007 04:04 by Ryudo Masamune
Excellent!! Thanks a lot!
29 Sep 2007 02:54 by danno1no1
legend Thanks very much
7 Sep 2007 02:02 by matty.s
nice one mate i thought it was going to be my t.v that would allow the xbox to run in 60hz.
6 Sep 2007 12:15 by Halo3 Addict
Thanks for the info. Shame there isn't any mention of this on xbox website or in the manual, could have saved me a lot of trouble.
14 Aug 2007 06:29 by Spud
Cheers dude - i was lucky, your site was the first hit on my Google search and your insutructions saved me a lot of time!

One small thing i noticed - you don't even have to find a scart input to your TV after you switch the video cable from HDTV to TV; i just left the component cable connected as it was and that enabled me to access the PAL settings under System - Console Settings - Display.

Big thanks for the instructions dude!
10 Aug 2007 01:35 by Yaab
thx mate!
very helpful! :-)
26 Jul 2007 11:51 by WS85
U just saved my xbox from being thrown out the window! it was really starting to annoy me!

Cheers dude.
3 Jul 2007 10:04 by jonah
U just saved me hours mate. top work!