Xbox 360: Ruins, Map Pack 3 for Lost Planet

Tuesday 17 Jul 2007 18:43
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Map Pack 3 is a pack of 3 muliplayer maps for Capcom's Lost Planet on the Xbox 360. It is available as downloadable content on Xbox LIVE for 400 MS Points. This is a review and video for the map 'Ruins'.

Ruins takes you into the jungle and this map is big, real big. Vegetation, cliffs, water and temple ruins provide great cover for sniper games, but this map is also lush with VSs (Lost Planet's vehicles) for all out warfare. There's some good turret positions where players can cover large areas of the map with weaponry such as rocket launchers, gatling guns and cannons.

A nice addition is the destructable scenery with palm trees you can blow up or just shoot down the coconuts for a laugh. One end of the map is dominated by a large temple out of which comes a waterfall forming a murky river which splits the map down the middle. This provides great underwater action and good cover to reach one side of the map from the other.

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