GTA IV: Under the Radar achievement

Monday 02 Jun 2008 20:11
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GTA IV: Under the Radar is a tricky achievement to get. It involves getting a helicopter and flying under all the bridges in the game. Start by driving to the Heli Tours and stealing a helicopter. After flying under the first bridge you'll be informed there's 12 more to do for an achievement. At this point the bridges you need to fly under are highlighted on your radar and in the in game map, but only briefly so take note quickly. Interesting enough, the radio in the helicopter comes on after flying under the 2nd bridge. Strange.

All in all it took me less than 10 minutes to do (handy for YouTube). The bridges in Aldernay attract unwanted police attention. You'll see them shooting at me towards the end of the video where I start to lose concentration and hit a few things. I saved the worst bridge for last - where the helicopter gets real close to the water.

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15 Mar 2012 07:33 by Heather
Im having such a hard time with this one, i went to the HeliTours and stole a helicopter, and every bridge i flew under it said "so-so and brifges left to unlock achievement" or whatever. I was under the impression that there are 14 bridges as opposed to 13 because when i check the stats in the pause screen under player, it says i flew under 13, but I still don't have the achievement unlocked...i dont get it!
25 Feb 2012 01:56 by DesertWolf
wow that vid helped me ALOT, i got 1 more to go and i tryed to fly undet the Middle Park bridge. i almost throwed my controller out of the window, cuz its hard ass hell. and now i got them all. all because this vid :)
1 Nov 2011 07:13 by HollandGamer
I´ve been under all the bridges, even that one in middle park and through that thing that´s on your left if you go through the south boot tunnel (or something like that) from algonquin to alderny. Nice to try these things
1 Nov 2011 05:58 by dutchdestroyer
most ofcourse got it allready completed by the time i now posted this,, but this guy is talking about 12 bridges but i lolled,, cause when you fly under the first bridge you pick most probs the closest one to the helitour place you get a message 13 more,, well chingching cause there are 14 bridges totally you need to fly under some are like excatly next to each other so some ppl dont mark them in there vids as a sepperate bridge,, and ofc 12 this guy says cause there 2 places where the bridge is right next to the other
20 Dec 2010 05:17 by JEM
I'm just glad you dont have to go under the Bridge in middle park. That is a pain in the @$$! But can be done!
10 Oct 2010 07:32 by chris
every bridge he went under so did i and didnt get it wot bollocks
14 Jun 2010 06:05 by Mikaykay
This is dumb, how are you supposed to get under that teeny tiny bridge? It's gay.
16 Mar 2010 01:23 by samster88
what happens if u do this with an annihilator helicopter, because i was doing my last bridge and i didn't do anything.
7 Feb 2010 09:16 by jack
evry time i go under 1 of the bridges on the next city i get a 6 star wanted lvl
23 Dec 2009 07:20 by MIster X
what is different when u have completet it i dont get it.!
11 Sep 2009 07:51 by TRICK TRICK
21 Jun 2009 10:11 by Scott
Sorted, the bridge at the bottom left, heading west, you have to fly under the left arch, as shown in the vid (2nd last).

21 Jun 2009 09:54 by Scott
Wierd, done all those bridges in one go, but still got one to find and no achievement????
15 May 2009 10:18 by spartan
thks that was the best vid av seen for this achievment on the web. ps ma gamertag is HALO KILLER 000
5 May 2009 11:11 by buuddy down the shore
thx i got it nice vid
4 May 2009 05:27 by stef
that realy helped \\\thanks///
21 Apr 2009 11:25 by El Bevis
ohh man i followed it and i still need one more
fuken shit!!
7 Mar 2009 12:43 by Brian
This video was a huge help. I didn't realize that I at the last bridge you went under you had to make a left for it to register that you went under it. Thanks for the help!
3 Mar 2009 03:52 by Blaze
Thanks man!
4 Jan 2009 12:19 by Preist34Liberty
Didn't help. Maybee it's because I crashed during my first flight ?
I stole a heli, and took some sightseeing before all islands were open. Then got the very wanted level of 6 stars.
Only managed 4 bridges then.. Later I tried continuing the achievement.. But I can't get the last counting bridge.. Tried all bridges 3 times, but no more counting..
To bad..
13 Aug 2008 12:46 by ALEX

really helped me thankyou
21 Jul 2008 12:19 by Guh
nice vid, thanks helped loads
4 Jul 2008 02:45 by Dude
There are only13 bridges to go under for the achievment. The bridge in the park doesn't count...
21 Jun 2008 04:23 by harry
ther 14 bridges to go under and wen u went on d helicopter u went under the bridge and ther was only 12 bridges to go under so the under the radar achivment must hav took u lnger than 10 mintues