Xbox 360: Lost Planet, Hive Complex Map Review

Saturday 21 Apr 2007 15:06
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Hive Complex and Trial Point are two new downloadable content maps for Capcom's Lost Planet on the Xbox 360. The two map pack costs 400 MS points. This review focuses on one map, Hive Complex.

Hive Complex is set in (and around) an abandoned mine. The map offers stunning scenery especially on the outside which is a deceptively large area. Metal walkways, outcrops of rock and rickety rope bridges provide the means of exploring the outer cliffs, while run down work buildings offer cover along the way. Many waterfalls cascade down the cliffs and as well as looking pretty, they offer great areas to do your sniping from. Behind a waterfall you can see out reasonably well while the cascading water provides good visual cover to anyone looking in from the outside.

On the inside there is a complex hive of tunnels (get it?) with hundreds of individual lights illuminating the way. The tunnel complex certainly makes you think in 3D and you'll often find yourself making use of the grappling hook to go up through gaps in the roof to further tunnels taking you to dataposts, the enemy or perhaps back outside at a new level. Its great for sneaking up on people while in a sniper rifle game as they concentrate on the people outside.

The tunnels, buildings and cave entrances are ideal opportunities to engage in grenade combat. Watch my video carefully for one of my better moments as I blow a guy off the cliffs with a dummy grenade.

With Hive Complex Capcom have done it once again, offering in their 2 map pack something different and interesting. This map is very versatile for all game types. The caves and tunnels are superb for post capture games and close range combat. The outside area fares very well for sniper games. Use of VSs (vehicles) is limited on this map as its not easy to get around in the caves and its easy to fall on the outside, but this is not a bad thing.

I will be adding a follow up review for the second map, Trial Point, soon. Enjoy my video of the Hive Complex gameplay, but remember there's much to see than I was able to show as I stayed with the action.

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