Xbox 360 crash

Friday 06 Apr 2007 10:38
Xbox 360 returns experience
Xbox 360 crash

Xbox 360, HD detached for testing

After 11 months my Xbox 360 has started to crash. After as little as 10 minutes of gameplay the screen will corrupt and freeze. Its happened on several games which I previously played for hours with no problems. All this comes on Easter weekend when its hardest to deal with these problems and a day before a friend who I haven't seen in a long time comes over. We were planning to spend most of the day playing Xbox as he's interesting in buying one.

The Xbox 360 returns experience

First of all, if you live in the United Kingdom, visit NOT .com, then when you visit the support page you will get the UK contact information. Microsoft have an 0800 number to call them for support.

The support number was free and had a quick 2 step phone menu. I didn't have to wait at all to talk to an operator. The kind woman on the other end of the phone was good to talk to and knew and her stuff (such as guiding me through the menus to get my serial number). Initially I was asked to remove my HD and see if my Xbox 360 still crashed, and then phone back.

I did as was instructed, removed the power cord, then the hard disk which simply unclips. Then I began to play until after only 10 minutes my Xbox crashed again. It took even less time when I tried again. So it was time to ring back support.

The phone menu kicked me out this time, not making a connection, but a subsequent call got through with the same ease as the first time. After a nice short chat I registered my Xbox 360 so it could be returned for repair. I was told to ONLY return my console unit, no HD, no wires, no controllers. This made good sense to me. Also I would receive a label which I would have to print so that my Xbox could be collected and taken for repair.

One worry was what would happen to my downloaded content?. I've already paid for content which I've downloaded. I've read that DRM ties the content to the console and this can cause problems if you are issued a replacement console. I was told that once my Xbox was repaired I would be helped to download my 'paid for' content again. I've read about problems with this so it will be interesting to see if Microsoft have finally resolved this issue.

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16 Oct 2010 01:35 by bc
Ive had my xbox 360 for like two years now, it began to do faults like freeze and just now it did the three red rings out of no where, i keep a fan on it and no dust gets in it, xbox 360 is shit
5 Aug 2009 02:06 by lewis686
yes my xbox crashes a lot to, like when i press the middle button to look at who is online i click on icon for friends list and it iether takes like ages to load or crashes. But when you said your worried about your downloadable content it doesnt matter because when you send you xbox off you don't send your hard drive with it. All of the content is on your hard driv which you keep with you.
12 Mar 2009 10:16 by Err0
test xbox 360 60 gb the new they dont broken
12 Jan 2009 11:16 by SAGA
my x box crashed after 1 month 1MONTH!!!!!
23 Jun 2008 12:17 by rh ps3 for life
my x box 360 is shit it has had the 3 light 4 times. so i got a ps3 thay are so much better and u dont hav to spend £400 to get it fixe. hint- get a ps3
18 Aug 2007 12:12 by gay
im pissed off 2, been 1month 3red lights! microsoft can go suck my balls! cost me £400 for my xbox, it shouldnt crash not like this! they shouldnt of rushed it through testing as it has cost them more then it should do! GAY
25 May 2007 02:43 by Ryan
my xbox is an NTSC mfg april 24th /06 and it just happened to me this week. im so pissed