Elite Dangerous: Keyboard Controls

Monday 05 Jan 2015 19:14

I've compiled a list of Elite Dangerous default keyboard controls as I've struggled to find an easy to read mobile friendly version. Also included is further information on functions such as using the docking computer and taking screenshots.

Flight control

Yaw LeftA
Yaw RightD
Thrust LeftQ
Thrust RightE
Thrust UpR
Thrust DownF
Increase ThrottleW
Decrease ThrottleS
Set speed to zeroX
Disable Flight AssistZ
Engine BoostTAB
Enable Frame Shift DriveJ


Cycle Next Fire GroupN
Deploy Hardpoints (toggle)U


Select Target AheadT
Cycle Next ShipG
Select Highest ThreatH
Cycle Next Sub SystemY


Silent RunningDelete
Deploy Heat SinkV


Ship LightsInsert
Increase Sensor ZoomPage Up
Decrease Sensor ZoomPage Down
Divert Power To EnginesUp Arrow
Divert Power To WeaponsRight Arrow
Divert Power To SystemsLeft Arrow
Balance Power DistributionDown Arrow
Reset Oculus OrientationF12
Deploy Cargo Scoop (toggle)Home
Jettison All CargoEnd
Landing GearL

Docking Computer

There is no docking computer key. To use the Docking Computer, first request docking permission with the station. Once granted fly towards the station entrance or landing bay. A prompt will appear telling you to decrease speed to active the docking computer when you are close enough.


Take Elite Dangerous screenshots by pressing F10. You can take a hi-res screenshot by press ALT + F10 (Solo mode only). There is no visible prompt to show a screen shot has been taken. You can remove the HUD with ALT + SHIFT + G, however you cannot remove your cockpit. Screenshots are stored in the following folder:
C:\Users\[user name]\My Pictures\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous
You should easily be able to access your Pictures folder from the start menu and go on to Frontier Developments, Elite Dangerous from there.

Power Distribution

The arrow keys change the power distribution between ship systems, engine and weapons. The 4 arrow positions map to the HUD display positions for [SYS][ENG][WEP] and [RST] and increases work as follows:

  • [SYS] - increase shield resistance and recharge rate of the system capacitor used to recharge the shields and other modules.
  • [ENG] - increase ship speed and manouverablilty and engine boost recharge rate.
  • [WEP] - fire weapons for longer before overheating. I often use this in easy to win dogfights to get the job done quicker.
  • [RST] - reset the power distribution balance equally.

Silent Running

When enabled shields shut down and heat radiators are disabled to reduce your ship's signature to near zero. Warning: heat in the ship may build up to dangerous levels. There's some doubt whether silent running alone can get you in to a station without being scanned.

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