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Friday 18 May 2007 21:23

Presenter Emily Booth on Sky 279

Interviewer Kate Billingham gives gamers a
chance to get close to a woman

As often happens I spotted a new channel on 'the Sky' the other night, but for once this one seems quite interesting. I stumbled over XLEAGUE.TV, channel 291, (Update: NOW 279), when I stepped one channel back from my bookmark on the movies channels (at 301). Gaming action from the new PS3 title Motor Storm instantly caught my attention. As Sky viewers will know, apart from a few programmes such as GAMER.TV, there's precious little to coverage of computer and console games, let alone a dedicated channel.

So what does XLEAGUE.TV offer? Well its a new channel, launched on May 16th, so I guess they need chance to build up their programme lineup, which while appearing a little sparse on the ground features some quality stuff. The main hook for me has been The Match. Here we get see to see lengthy multiplayer gaming action on such games as the aforementioned Motor Storm, Halo 2 and Gears of War. The presenters and guests at least seem to know what their talking about when introducing the gamers, games and providing commentary on the gaming action.

Other programmes I've seen include The Chart and Inside Gaming which features developer diaries and interviews. The channel is broadcast in widescreen which is very sensible given the nature of today's next-gen consoles. Let's hope they build upon their good start. There's a whole website too at (where else) XLEAGUE.TV.

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26 Sep 2009 02:04 by MaxxyT
umm i dont know because latly i cant find the chanel on tv so i dont know wats goin on it was pulse but now i cant find it
17 Mar 2009 07:50 by ReazoN
Where has it gone?
I can't find channel 208 on SKY anywhere
4 Mar 2008 12:13 by chiniple
it is now called pulse on channel 208
5 Dec 2007 02:17 by i hate gaming its gay
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8 Nov 2007 11:06 by XTGxVeNoMxXx
yes it rocks i love halo3
25 Oct 2007 10:48 by haloshczznigger
xleague.tv is the best channel on the air, it pichers gamer aganst gamer for money.Some of the best games are put on this channel to see who are the best gamers for this game and some game like halo 3, gears of war, doa1-4 and lost planet to.And i thank it is the best gamer channel for the year 2007 and to come.

20 Oct 2007 12:25 by jjs
i am the best gamer ever but am to young to go for 360 compitions and when i am older a wont have time it ill just be work work work i want to see if i can compite with the best because i am dedicated like wen i get a new game i would stay up till i pass it one time i was going for 3 days straght please help p.s i am nearly 14 teen and stay in the uk
18 Oct 2007 01:51 by roaddog
its a really good channel with lots to offer to other gamers
8 Oct 2007 07:48 by three sixty uk
i think they need a clans bit on the web site where clans can make macths with eacth other and play because games battles is crap because it wont let you make a clan
20 Sep 2007 05:30 by g-man
i agree it rocks but i think they should play some old games like star wars 3 and half life ep2 etc
31 Aug 2007 08:07 by Monkey man
Xlegue rocks it plays all the latest games and has the players of gaming