Xbox 360: Ice Drop, Map Pack 3 for Lost Planet

Sunday 22 Jul 2007 19:04
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Map Pack 3 is a pack of 3 muliplayer maps for Capcom's Lost Planet on the Xbox 360. It is available as downloadable content on Xbox LIVE for 400 MS Points. This is a review and video for the map 'Ice Drop'.

Ice Drop presents you with awesome graphics from the start. Players spawning below the surface start in a huge cavern full of lit up ice crystals with frosty air hanging close to the ground. Those spawning on the surface see a night time frozen wasteland full of ridges of cravasses. High speed winds blow wispy clouds across the surface and there is an awesome glowing Northen Lights effect in the sky.

The map is deceptively big, especially when you figure in the maze of tunnels and caves beneath the surface. As often is the case in Lost Planet the gameplay takes place on may levels. Long ago I got used to and accepted that Lost Planet multiplater maps often give advantages to one spawn or another, but in the case of Ice Drop this more noticeable than usual. Players starting on the surface have a distinct advantage, especially in rocket launcher or sniper rifle maps. They simply wait for the enemy to emerge from the depths and pick them off. Its my only gripe the map. Games tend to see the players below the surfacing coming to the top to meet their opponents, not the other way round. To win they really have to work hard. The surface is also home to several Super VSs (Lost Planets best vehicles) and gun turrets.

Ice Drop offers players the chance to battle in what I think are some of the best graphics yet in Lost Planet, and at night time too. Once again Capcom have managed to provide 'something a little different' with this map - a trade mark of their efforts to continue to add lasting interest to their game.

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