Lost Planet: Kill Giant Worm

Monday 30 Apr 2007 22:50
Xbox360 videos

The first time I killed the giant worm I used the machine gun because you can keep your distance. In this video I've taken the different tactic of grabbing the gatling guns from the VSs first. This gives you alot more firepower at the expense of not being able to run and shoot at the same time. I stayed close to the starting area to minimize the chance of another worm coming along. You never get two but you don't want to waste ammo and time fighting two different worms.

Its hard to tell amongst all the action when the worm is dead, but look closely for the thermal energy dropping from its head and listen for the stange sounds it makes. Like the moth, it then re-emerges, only to go back to ground dead. The tense ingame music then stops for a while, then resumes as another worm attacks.

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7 Jul 2010 04:14 by ballin boy!
Thx fur tellin me that theres more than one f****** worm, i knew there was something up with those abominations! lol
28 Jun 2010 02:51 by Xelyk
This is one of the reasons I am going to be looking forwards to Lost Planet 2, when you come across the worms in there, you can kill the worms and they won't come back, they stay dad, yay!
16 May 2010 10:49 by dmn
You know when the earth stops shaking and you get stunned? If you jump just before it makes the controller really shake you can avoid being stunned
14 Jan 2010 06:51 by lostplanet gamer
you have to kill it in game mode for the acheivement
3 Mar 2009 05:22 by Dan
thx hepled alot kept thinking it was the same worm!!!
23 Dec 2008 12:17 by halomadude
to kill the moth you kill all the small enemies until u reach the top of the hill where there is a large laser weapon use the laser weapon on the moths underbelly and tail everytime it flies over you. dont waste shots as it takes your thermal energy.
20 Dec 2008 12:24 by Joshic
every time i kill the worm it comes back i killed three times in the same level
17 Dec 2008 03:15 by mighty muncho
very help full, had no idea what weapon was best to use thx
23 Nov 2008 08:39 by camaroon
omg i wish i knew that you had to finish the level to get the acheivment cuz i killed like 5 of them and died on the sixth thinking it was the same one
omg that stupid
8 Mar 2008 09:10 by ben
very helpfull. Thanks alot!!!
9 Jan 2008 11:25 by spartan117
do u no how to kill the moth?
9 Nov 2007 10:26 by link
you have to beat the level completely to get the worm achievement
22 Jul 2007 11:33 by Cam
You have to get every data post on the level, then go to like a junk yard and then you have to fight a VS
19 Jul 2007 12:52 by neef
i killed the worm 4 times on the same try its fun if you've alredy done the game u can just do this level and keep killin the worm :)
6 May 2007 01:06 by Kevblog
Not sure, but you're not the first person to say this about not getting the achievement. One thing I do know is that you must complete the level, then on the summary screen you see the achievement rewarded.
5 May 2007 03:15 by gears of wAR
for some reason ,when i kill the worm on lost planet, i do not get the achievement. will someone please tell me whats going on?
2 May 2007 07:24 by Wii Man
Checking in on the Wii - your site works fine, man.