GTA IV: Chain Reaction Achievement

Friday 06 Jun 2008 21:37
Xbox360 videos

GTA IV: Chain Reaction Achievement requires you to explode 10 vehicles in 10 seconds. You can pickup 3 grenades under the globe sculpture in the park on the starting island, so this achievement is quite easy to get early on in the game. In fact I started a new profile tonight just to show the achievement coming up as I'd already got it on my main profile.

In the video I steal and pile up cars at a junction. Remember traffic is busier during the daytime so that's a good time to do it. Once there's plenty of cars I throw in a grenade, then immediately another one to the left of it. The achievement is complete in just a few seconds of the first explosion. To finish off I have a quick shootout with the police and die. Oh, and laugh at that foreign music, surely they're not singing "sh*tty sh*tty sh*tty" - are they???

The bonus carnage in the second part of the video is from an earlier attempt. I threw it in because of the guy on fire next to the car on fire. When it explodes he comes flying towards the camera! What a way to die! It also features a blown up fire hydrant and electrical cables sparking on the floor. Some if the nice little touches in the game.

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20 Mar 2010 06:59 by help
I'm finding this quite hard due to everytime I attempt to halt a juction the cops turn up and my aiming is skipping to people which are going away from the cars
8 Oct 2008 07:56 by nigga4life
yah thats dumb just wait til u meet lil jacob he hooks u up wit sum nades and they dont cost much also it doesnt create frustration by searching for nadesthen go to gas station throw a nde and it blows the gas tank up with the whole satation plus lil jacob is like the easieast missions to beat