Xbox 360: Lost Planet - Kill Green Eye

Thursday 19 Apr 2007 01:04
Xbox360 videos

This is me killing Green Eye in Capcom's Lost Planet for the Xbox 360. This game has some excellent bosses! When I first encountered this boss I tried the stand off tactic trying to attack, then avoid attacks by Green Eye. I got killed alot and in frustration went straight in which I found alot more effective. In this video the whole lot's over in 3 minutes. The level was played on normal difficulty.

By the time I entered Green Eye's Lair I made a choice to go with some rockets as my left hand weapon and a single chain gun for the right. It seems to be a decent combination. Notice towards the end I grab the grenade launcher to hit Green Eye's eye. With what I must admit was a lucky shot, I decimate what's left of his health.

On the video editing side of things, I put a brightness contrast filter over all the scenes. Green Eye's lair is quite dark, and while its effective and atmospheric on my TV, it was too dull for low quality video to pick out the detail. I also put a black letter box to cover the extra signal information which gets caputred along with the TV picture.

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2 Jan 2008 12:16 by jayman
How in the world did you do that
22 Sep 2007 02:09 by John B.
Don't stand on the ledge, that is like signing your own death warrent. Instead, follow behind it (stay a little to the side, or else he'll jump back and crush you) and shoot the green spots with the rocket launcher and chain gun. Then, when he flips around the other way, unleash hell on his other side. (There's a shotgun laying around somewhere, that's effective too). Once you have wasted his side spots, grab the grenade launcher and fly in front of the beast while he is performing a ice shard attack. Fire the gun dead on in the middle of his head (this can be difficult, as he tends to rear up when you get in front of him) and the resulting grenades should decimate all four of his fore spots. Dodge his ice attack and then fire a missle at his forehead. Two rockets should do it. Remember, the Green Eye is an extreamly difficult boss, it might take you six or seven times to beat him. Good luck and good hunting!
12 Aug 2007 02:30 by lkklkl
give me an eazer way
31 Jul 2007 01:16 by Kim Jong Il
Its not the eye you need to hit its the big spot in hes forhead ( where the 4 green things where)
27 May 2007 04:01 by Biohazard
I tried to kill him using your tactics. But, that and everything else I could think off isn't working. I have tried stand off, in his face, mid-range and alternating weapons. I can't figure out why but I can't kill him. I have died about 59 times in a row.