Xbox 360: Lost Planet - Kill Giant Moth

Wednesday 18 Apr 2007 23:37
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Lost Planet is an awesome game for the Xbox 360. This is me killing the Giant Moth for which you get an acheivement. The game really comes into its own when playing online multiplayer, but that's a story for another blog entry.

Killing the Giant Moth is optional. The best (and only) way I've found to achieve this is to grab the laser gun just before you get to the top level. The Moth's vunerable spot is its abdomen. Its edited out but I missed 3 times in this try. I find it best to aim for the head when it gets close, that way the shot should hit it in the right spot as it flies by.

This is my second attempt at putting action from my Xbox on YouTube. Last night I used my Panasonic Lumix camera to record the action. While it saved any messing about with my Xbox 360 cables the resulting video and audio quality were poor while the Lumix's native MOV format is useless to my video editing software on my PC. Tonight's efforts were much more successul by piping my Xbox 360s video and audio direct into my PC. I had to switch down to TV mode and you'll notice the aspect ratio is quite right on the resulting video. I'll be looking into this later. The action was recorded direct into my editing software allowing me to edit, add transitions and title the video. I'm using Pinnacle Studio 9 which came with my capture card.

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2 Jun 2010 01:42 by Gamertag - Hairy armpittt ( add me and we will play a bit of los
Thanku so much this helped a lot and how can u miss lol 3 times as well this is the easy. And to alll those how r saying i aint got it u need to beat the boss at the end to get it.
7 Jul 2009 10:26 by nothingtoit
u must complete the mission in order to receive the achievement. it is worth 50G. same thing with the giant worm in mission 3
14 Jan 2009 02:03 by andrew
i did but i got no achievment do i have to beat whole mission to get the achievment
9 Jun 2008 05:37 by msgamer
i found that if u hit the moth twice in the head with a rocket launcher than one uncharged blast from the laser will kill it. U can find a rocket launcher on the narrow ledge about halfway up
6 Jun 2008 10:03 by bobcorning
This was extremly easy but i would not of been able to do this without your help! =]
7 Aug 2007 06:15 by gareth
hey jus did it myslef followed it jus like u did it was easy too easy really only took 3 fully charged hits. the giant worm was much more of a challenge.