Sky Anytime TV

Friday 27 Apr 2007 20:14
You can turn Sky Anytime OFF, just go to 'Services'. 'Anytime TV Setup'

When I noticed my Sky+ box doing strange things I should have realised it was Sky Anytime kicking in. Sky Anytime is the new service from Sky available to some Sky+ and (I assume) all Sky HD customers where programmes chosen by Sky are automatically downloaded to you Sky box to view Anytime. Gradually they are deleted and new ones take their place giving you a constant offering of various programming to watch when you want.

The first 'unusual' thing I noticed was I could hear my Sky+ working even when in standby mode. The box was also still warm. On another occasion I found my Sky+ box had turned itself off. Sorry environmentalists, its usually on 24/7.

I'm not a fan of this new service. It uses space on my Sky+ hard disk I could otherwise use for myself. Even with the service turned off, it appears you cannot get this space back. So I'm sacrificing 40 hours of programming I could choose myself for 40 hours of programming Sky choose for me. I sir, fail to see the point, and there's also the question of how much extra wear and tear the extra recording puts on your Sky+ system.

If you're looking to program your Sky remote to operate your TV, find Sky remote codes here.

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26 Jan 2011 07:04 by Timpson
on sky anytime tv why cant thay put music ondemand ther makes live easer for custormers 2 whach music.
19 Jun 2007 10:18 by frankie boy
is it just coincidence that the day that anytime tv was put on our downstairs sky plus, the colour on the tv went tits up and everyone looked like martians? the upstairs sky plus has still not been converted to anytime tv (thank goodness) anybody else?
29 May 2007 02:15 by Richard
The space Sky Anytime is using is reserved anyway, so whether it is off or on you don't get extra recording space.

The box switching to standby is the other update that went on which is the auto-standby feature that shuts off the box overnight if it is left on.
26 May 2007 05:53 by Jane
Can i still choose the 40 hours of tv that i want? Sky anytime just filles in the space you have left untill i record so much there wont be any....right?