Xbox 360: Flatout Ultimate Carnage

Sunday 05 Aug 2007 17:58
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I recently bought Flatout Ultimate Carnage for my Xbox 360, and wow is it a good game. I'd downloaded the demo from Xbox LIVE so I had an idea of the game, but was still pleasantly surprised with the one thing you never get from a demo, the idea of variety and longevity of the game.

Flatout Ultimate Carnage may have many resemblences to Burnout Revenge, but who can complain when its done this well. Basically you race cars and smash up your opponents through a variety of different events. The career mode gives you plenty to get your teeth into. Winning races unlocks events and new cars and earns you money. Smashing up the opponent cars on the way earns you more money. With your money you upgrade vehicles or or buy new and better ones. A clever balance means you'll have to race plenty to earn the money to buy the cars that go faster to unlock more events, earn more money and so on. It should keep the typical player going a long time. Other game modes see you doing stunts, demolition derbys, racing against the clock and perhaps my favourite mode which is seen in the video where you race to smash up other cars. Position gives you a score multiplier while speed is needed to reach check points and increase the amount of time you have to play. The overall idea is to balance this with smashing up your opponents' vehicles to get the most money.

Graphically, Flatout Ultimate Carnage is truly next gen. Courses are complex and in many areas there are hidden shortcuts. Going off course is no problem over short distances too as the playable area often extends beyond the road directly infront of you offering chances to recover your position if you go off track. The race courses are littered with destructable scenery and various objects you can hit, all remaining in play and often becoming hazards on your next lap. Scenery wise the game really looks the part with great skylines, distant scenery and lighting. Some races are also done at night offering a little extra variety.

If you like arcade racing as opposed to the huge number of sims currently out, then this is one to buy. Check out my video (more to come) which is from the replay after successfully getting gold in a carnage race, my favourite race mode.

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31 Mar 2011 05:10 by mrbeetpwr
the only thing thats really fucked up is that no one plays it online anymore and they should cause its a great game...