Minecraft Chicken Grinder (Belle End Farm)

Sunday 23 Oct 2011 12:25

Welcome to Belle End Farm

Watch the video below to see the Minecraft Chicken Grinder in action.

Download the Belle End Farm Minecraft Save File here. I've loaded the dispenser with eggs and set the spawn point in the farm. For more information on how to operate it, please watch the video. This map was created in pre-release 1.9 but should work in 1.8.

Belle End Farm

Chicken Grinder

More about Belle End Farm

I created Belle End Farm in Minecraft's creative mode. The majority of the work was done in a day but then I couldn't help myself and continued through 2 weekends (not weeks as I say in the video). I also used MCEdit for some of the editing. It was useful for duplicating sections of the house, barn and grain silos. I also used it for landscape editing such as clearing areas and filling the stream with water. Plotz online Minecraft Modeller was used to help create the grain silos.

Belle End Farm is built on a desert biome. This was useful as no animals spawn in these biomes and I could focus on testing. The few animals in Belle End Farm were lured there (using wheat) from a nearby biome.

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13 Mar 2014 08:24 by Iluvpandas
When you download Belle_end you can also tween it a bit so I made a castle by it and a little slum and last of all a village so it turned into an awesome city once I put a wall round it
.Lol and BTW nice name :D
15 Nov 2013 09:39 by Rebecca
Well I fixed my computer so now I can atuaclly play more. I may be very late on the newest Terraria content and what's going on with Minelater (I have not played since version 1.0.7), but I'm wondering how long the Minelater server will be down for since Tshock is being tested.
7 Oct 2013 01:05 by a7i3n
The egg delivery system was hilarious! You are one sick dude. My hat's off to you.
5 Sep 2013 02:20 by Ladriad
For the piston to stop the water and allow chickens down, how do you replace the water, because it looks like the source block is above the hole, and the piston block removes the source block. If i am wrong, disregard this, but wouldnt it be better to use a bucket of water in a dispenser and hook that to a button?
6 Aug 2013 06:21 by Curious
How did he get the water to flow above the hole, but not down it?
15 May 2013 03:38 by 123张腾
11 Feb 2013 05:22 by lotusenta
heh heh... belle end... BTW nice work :P
17 Oct 2012 06:30 by Tony
23 Aug 2012 08:43 by clubie99
Wow, totally epic!
27 May 2012 07:29 by Kevblog
Sorry about that. Plotz is now working again.
24 May 2012 04:51 by waa
Why is plotz not working?
5 Mar 2012 07:18 by Kookas
Nice name :P
16 Feb 2012 09:44 by jackkennedy98
Really cool. You should do more Youtubing. You've got one subscriber now :D
14 Feb 2012 05:20 by Monna
Faithfully Free to see that deiclious recipe and read about her experience with #GrilledEssentials! This entry