Xbox 360: Lost Technology, Map Pack 3 for Lost Planet

Saturday 21 Jul 2007 18:25
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Map Pack 3 is a pack of 3 muliplayer maps for Capcom's Lost Planet on the Xbox 360. It is available as downloadable content on Xbox LIVE for 400 MS Points. This is a review and video for the map 'Lost Technology'.

Lost Technology takes you back to the blocky graphics of those 8-bit computer days. In all their add-on maps I've noticed Capcom have worked hard to add something a little different, but this is the most different yet. As well as the obvious blocky graphics, Lost Technology draws further ideas from the days of old such as warps, scrolling textures and some new wacky sound effects for taking a data post.

Gameplay is a bit confusing at first. Similar looking coriddors and all the warps take some getting used to. Players of Lost Planet will know that maps come in multiple layouts to offer a variety of spawn areas and data post layouts. In the case of Lost Technology this also changes some of the warp positions so you have to play quite a few times to really know where you're going. In one case, you spawn, can climb some steps to walk along a coridoor and warp to exactly where you started which is a little annoying. There's also a few dead areas leaving players wandering the 'wrong' way having to take long hikes before they get into the action.

Having pointed out my gripes with the map, all in all its still a lot of fun. Lots of coridoors and enclosed areas make it ideal for rocket launcher and grenade action although its easy to camp some of the warp areas where unlike spawning you have no limited invisibility. Players seem to group together and often work together on this map. This is partly because of its enclosed nature and also to overcome the problem of newer players not knowing where to go.

Post grab seems to be a particular favourite game mode for this map. Unlike other maps where you can reliably use the radar to get to dataposts in the nearby vicinity, on this map you may well walk towards a post finding the coridoor ends in a warp taking you somewhere else. It actually ends up kind of fun and its one reason players tend to communicate more and work together more on this map.

My personal view is that Lost Technology is perhaps the weaker of the 3 maps in Map Pack 3. That said, its offers something unique so far to Lost Planet maps and is great for shorter games.

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