Xbox 360 Wireless Headset review

Sunday 08 Jul 2007 18:52

The Xbox 360 Wireless headset is a wireless ear piece and microphone for in-game chat when playing on Xbox Live. Originally there was just a wired headset which plugged into the wired or wireless controller. For myself, the main advantage of this new device is that you can finally put down your controller and walk around without having to unhook the headset. Seems trivial but Xbox live players spend a lot of time waiting in game lobbies prior to games starting and its nice to be able to go make a coffee and still be able to hear if the game is starting.

The headset is comfortable and after wearing it for a short while you almost forget its even there. Functionality is well balanced. The microphone is far enough away from your mouth not to pick up your breathing while still picking up your speech very well. The ear speaker is close enough to your ear to hear well, but does not restrict you from easily hearing your external game audio - a must with a digital surround console.

Operation is easy. There's an on/of button, either side of which are buttons to increase and decrease the volume. Sample beeps are played while performing operations so you can hear when you turn the unit on or off, or adjust the volume.

The headset comes with a charger. During charging the 4 lights on the inside of the microphone light up in sequence until charged. During use, an audible beep signifies that the headset is low on charge.

Its a neat device available for around £30. I've used it playing Lost Planet and had no problems at all hearing and being heard.

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27 Sep 2011 03:51 by Sherry
That's not just logic. That's relaly sensible.
20 Apr 2011 11:14 by Headsets Microphones
I’ve been playing Xbox games since I was young. I have tried to use this Xbox 360 Wireless headset for almost 5 months now and I was amazed with the features and its operations that are very easy for me to control. Wireless headset like these is so portable that even when you are busy doing games you are assured that you can hear all the sounds that Xbox 360 Wireless headset produces.
3 May 2009 09:12 by Hifu124
Its cool, but costs too much.
2 May 2009 12:55 by Jordinho
Freat Review! This guide made me buy one! Awesome! There better than those elasticy mics. You should all buy one!
13 Aug 2008 11:45 by eskimo
when does it come out lol
27 Jul 2008 10:43 by sam
they are good for playing in games and stuff but they only have a short live span
18 Jun 2008 12:13 by kyhogan
Excellent I want it but im to poor
15 Apr 2008 11:14 by cannon
thats cool i want to buy that headset but im waiting for it to drop in price
15 Apr 2008 10:22 by MJ
Thanks for the review! It answered some things I wanted to know and I liked the close-up images of both sides.