My Xbox 360 wireless controller dpad problems

Tuesday 03 Apr 2007 19:29

My Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller dpad doesn't work properly ... and its not the first.

The dpad or digital pad is responsible for the digital movements of up, down, left and right. When I bought by Xbox 360 I found the dpad was not so 'next-gen'. It was unresponsive in one direction, sometimes to the point that I could actually press the dpad to its full extent without any movement happening onscreen. It also occasionally moved in one of the directions close to the direction I pressed, especially annoying when navigating the Xbox 360's menus or writing messages.

I returned (just) the controller for a replacement which I am still using now, months later. Its no better. I now use the analogue controls where possible, for example when navigation the xbox360's dashboard or writing messages. My Flash simulation above gives you an idea of what my controller is like, sticking when moving right and often moving right when pressing down.

It seems I'm not alone. One of my friends has the same problem with both his controllers and another says he's had similar problems too. I did a search and found complaints online. When playing Lost Planet I've heard quite a few mumbles from players in sniper games accidently turning on their flashlight when they tried to select a weapon.

Some players who acknowledge the problem say just live it with, and I'm inclined to agree. I just want to show other gamers they are not on their own - and maybe prompt Microsoft to make future improvements. The otherwise excellent xbox 360 controller has many redeeming features and most of the games I play don't rely on the dpad for the most crucial gameplay functions.

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19 Jan 2010 09:02 by Steve
My xbox 360 controller works fine with batteries but wen a put ma play and charge kit in it doesnt let me press the middle button any1 got any ideas how too fix this?
1 Apr 2009 10:23 by Coen Critcho
i hav your exact problem with my controller, and when i went to take it back i realised i only had a 90 DAY WARRANTY on it
30 Jan 2008 12:16 by andy
i have the same problem i hav had about 5 or 6 of them all with the same problem there are way to fix it urself but its a hasel they should just fix the problem and that will b it sorted
25 Dec 2007 06:59 by tom
my xbox 360 pad dnt wrk ='[ ive looked through the manuel nd everything =0 plzzz help meeee =]
29 Nov 2007 04:26 by high_brick
28 Oct 2007 12:19 by Shonk
take a look at that mate
i fixed mine
6 Sep 2007 09:21 by lee
having the same prob with my elite controller!!!!!! have changed it 2 times now....still the same!!! the unresponsive prob seems to move around the pad?? anyone know why? could the rubber pad be moving around?
15 Aug 2007 06:44 by phoenix
You guys are lucky mine wont even TURN on anymore only had it for 2 months!!
20 Jul 2007 07:22 by Raf
got the same problem