Xbox 360: Lost Planet, Battleground Map

Monday 16 Jul 2007 18:08
Xbox360 videos

Battleground is a free map download on Xbox LIVE for Capcom's amazing 3rd Person Shooter, Lost Planet. Originally distributed with the Limited Edition version of the game, Battleground has finally been released for all to play and this map is amazing.

The Battleground map is set in a urban environment where 2 streets meet in a L shape. The gameplay takes place on many levels, in the open street, on the balconies and rooftops and inside the buildings themselves. Often the action gathers around the broken bridge which is central to the map, although not in my sample game play video here.

Several VSs (vehicles) and turrets give players the option to use high powered weaponry but this is well balanced with the ability of enemies to strike from the cover of the buildings with grenades.

The map caters well for Post Grab and Team Elimination with shot guns or rocket launchers. I've also seen it used a lot for rifle matches although personally I think the map is a little small for this.

The Battleground map release continues the support for what is arguably one of the most under-rated Xbox 360 games. More people should see this game to get an idea of what true next-gen gaming is all about.

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