Sky add 2 more movie channels

Saturday 23 Jun 2007 16:30

Sky Movie Channel Lineup

Sky Movies Premiere 301
Sky Movies Premiere +1 302
Sky Movies Comedy 303
Sky Movies Action/Thriller 304
Sky Movies Family 305
Sky Movies Drama 306
Sky Movies Sci-Fi/ Horror 307
Sky Movies Classics 308
Sky Movies Modern Greats 309
Sky Movies Indie 310
Sky Movies HD1 311
Sky Movies SD1 312
Sky Movies HD2 313
Sky Movies SD2 314

On Apr 5th I wrote an article critising Sky Satellite's new movie channel lineup for leaving subscribers with less channels than before. Recently I've noticed the addition of two more movie channels which have helped redress the balance.

Sky Movies SD1 and Sky Movies SD2 are standard definition movie channels that sit alongside their HD (high definition) counterparts. The addresses another problem where previously subscribers might see an HD film they wanted to watch but only had a standard definition setup.

Its good to see Sky responding to subscriber criticism which I assume this move is.

The new movie channel lineup with 'themed channels' seems to have been popular and I must admit that with time I've taken to it, finding that its easier to find the movies I want to watch. Added to that, Sky have effectively done away with the UK watershed (where mature content is only screened after 9pm) by using pin-protection on mature content movies when screened during the day.

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14 Sep 2007 04:17 by munna bhai
shee moovi hindi chaanl jaldi se chalane ki kripa kare yahi mai chahta hoon ok ye he mare
cooment hai
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