Wowowee, Luningning, Milagring

Wednesday 13 Jun 2007 19:46

Wowowee Host Willie Revilliame

Wowowee co-host Mariel Rodriguez

When Willie shouts "Pasok Luninging!"
Its time for her to do her stuff

Luningning and Milagring head the dancers for
the answer Blue (Asul) - "None of the above"

Images courtesy of Manokan

Wowowee is the noon time entertainment and game show aired on The Filipino Channel (TFC) in the Philippines. The show is hosted by Willie Revillame and co-hosts Mariel Rodriguez and Roxanne Guinoo. Until recently Janelle Jamer was a co-host but while I was in the Philippines she left the show in a very emotional segment where Mariel cried out the show's name as she invited viewers to return to Wowowee after the break.

The show is a mix of entertainment and various games and quizzes in which the studio audience take part. In fact audience participation seems central to the show's appeal with lots of dancing, singing and short and often heart warming interviews and messages to family. Named after their manager and choreographer Anna Santos Feliciano, the the stunning ASF Dancers perform throughout, bringing colour and glamour to the show, and some, such as Luningning (aka Lea Carla Santos) and Milagring (aka Danna De Castro) are household names.

Update: checkout the Luningning, Milagring and Mariposa interview video!

The show is almost entirely in the native language of the Philippines, Tagalog (pronouned ta-gar-log), but occasionally some questions are posed asking for English words (or the Tagalog for an English word).

At the beginning of the show the ASF Dancers do their thing as Willie enters and sings the Wowowee theme tune along with the co-hosts and audience. Shortly after some camerardary between Willie and Mariel and Roxanne comes Da Da Da, Do Do Do Do, where Willie picks 10 contestants based on their dancing to the tune. This part is real fun to watch as young and old are asked to do the dance, then repeat it, but 'sexy'. Previously potential contestants were asked to do a another dance, Boom Tarat Tarat, which I have tried on occasion!

The contestants then go on to play a variety of quizzes and games which I understand in part, but could not hope to fully explain.

  • Willie of Fortune
  • Questune - like Name That Tune
  • Sinong Kumanta Ng Kantang 'To? (Who Sang This Song?)
  • Bigat 10 (Big 10)
  • Pasalog (Pass and Shake)
  • The Ultimate Pera o Bayong (Money or Bag)

source of this list: Wikipedia

Sponsorship plays a big part in the show and the ASF Dancers are always at hand, wiggling their bodies while holding or showing the sponsored products.

One of my favourite sections is Pasalog where dancer Luningning brings out a beach ball with compartments containing two dice. The ball is then shaken, often by throwing it into the audience and having it passed around, after which its returned to Luningning who frantically dances while holding it and pounds it down on a plinth with a crashing sound effect. The compartments are then opened revealing the dice and the so the prizes won.

Part 1 of The Ultimate Pera O Bayong is perhaps my favourite part of the show and is great for helping learn some basic tagalog words for some colours. Contestants have to move to an area denoted by colour which corresponds to the possible answer to a question. Its kind of multiple choice. The colours are Berde (Green), Pula (Red), Dilaw (Yellow) and Asul (Blue) which is used for none of the above. A group of the dancers are assigned to each answer, do a quick dance and shout their colour's answer in unison, cutely raising their pitch on the last word.

I'm a little unsure of the rules in part two, except that usually Milagring brings in a prize box which a contestant decides whether to take over a cash prize. Willie shouts Pera O Bayong and the contestant says "Pera", upon which the contestant takes the cash reward - or "Bayong" where Willie may increase the cash reward or reveal the prize.

The whole show is great fun, very glitzy and glamarous, rewarding lucky contestants with prizes that could really change their lives. It also brings together Filipinos across the world watching on various cable and satellite services.

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS I've changed my blog to list them ALL and the newest ones are at the top. Salamat Po.

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6 Jan 2009 12:18 by triz fr ABRA
hello again...luvlots
6 Jan 2009 12:16 by triz_fr ABRA
tsk...i luv wowowee twing nanunuod ako kht na mag isa aq grave natatangal ung lungkot q..xhare q lng jejeje..ate mariel i luv ur hair taz kai mami pokwang iluv her fantastic dress..ate milagring i wish makapunta ka dito sa ABRA gsto kc ktang makita sa personal..idol na idol kta ateh pkiadd aq sa fs w8 ko promiz mo huh...god bless u all
5 Jan 2009 08:19 by mona
sna po bgyan nyo p dme shows c ate danna a.k.a
16 Dec 2008 05:03 by djtrasher
hi wowowee gurlz,ang gaganda nyo naman especially 2 my lovely face AIKO,sana mameet kita pguwi q?
11 Dec 2008 07:23 by an
sana maging dancer din aq magaling nman ako smayaw eh my favorte dancer asaf lov u all
7 Dec 2008 03:05 by Nene
hi,sana lahat ng asf dancers,pasayawin nyo hindi lag si saicy or luningning at rr,kase masmaganda lahat sila maka try kase lahat sila pati si ate anna maka solo din.kase the best at no.1 ang asf lalo na wowowee.
5 Dec 2008 03:32 by errol
luningning maintain that body...i find you very sexy when you add more pounds...i like meaty & curvacious girl like you...
5 Dec 2008 03:25 by errol
im beginning to like you luningning as i like milagring, aiko and d new one sarah. for me you 4 are d best in asf.
5 Dec 2008 06:07 by jen2x
hi luningning.....idol talaga kta kahit ano sabihin ng iba.. d best ka talaga... kc alam ko mabait ka... sa mukha pa lang....
3 Dec 2008 05:19 by michelle
oi,,ba't luningning ,,hindi ninyo na ipinasayaw pera o bayon,,oi,,ang pangit talaga if hindi namin mamakita si luningning,,at ayaw namin kay saicy kasi kontrabida sya n buhay ni luningning?
21 Nov 2008 09:53 by eS-eM
17 Nov 2008 11:06 by alice
hi milagring sobrang ganda u talaga,. ,,,,,,,,,,,, wish ko makita na kita sa personal add u nlng me, sas fs,, i hope ha ,
7 Nov 2008 08:42 by jayson
milagring l
28 Oct 2008 08:30 by ana
hi luningning! marami kang fans dito sa bacolod! Ur d best dancer!
28 Oct 2008 08:28 by karen
ang galing m talaga luningning!
28 Oct 2008 08:27 by bebing
hi luningning! idol kita magaling ka sa pagsayaw wala kang katulad!
16 Oct 2008 11:22 by pilipina in uk
hello wili ang gwapo mo alam yu favorite ka ng nanay ko every noon tingin lage sya sa show mo sana great mo naman sya araw araw sa palabas mo sayang lang dito ako uk di kita panuod favorite din kita eh!!!jejejej i love you wili dont 4get great my mom in davao every your show happy na sya sa buses at greating mo pati narin ako.
9 Oct 2008 08:08 by beth
♥♥♥♥♥hi milagring aq #1 fan mo papapapaupau milagring!! go go go
8 Oct 2008 06:48 by ryan
milagring da best ganda mu
7 Oct 2008 03:27 by gen
c valerie panay ang pa cute.
7 Oct 2008 03:22 by tonton
25 Sep 2008 10:32 by cuelee
i just wanted to know what hairstyle does mariel rodriguez currently looks really neat!
21 Sep 2008 06:59 by lee anne
hi,super cute tlga ni milagring,and aiko.and i really like dis show cuz natatawa ako kay pokwang,but naiinis tlga ako kay joey kung mag salita sya.
20 Sep 2008 03:38 by mercedes benz
ang gnda mo luningning ang can u be my girl he2 e-mail ko
16 Sep 2008 02:16 by desiree
i just want to know,why mary and bibingka and jenny,why they leave the noontime show???its they kicking out or wat????coz we dont heared anything to them,bgla na lng sila na wala sa show,kc lam ko this show eh meron din ingitan sa bawat isa,kaya sana nman bgyan nyo ng chance yung iba dancers kc my mga dream din cla na gus2 nla sumikat db???
16 Sep 2008 02:08 by desiree
hi im the avid fans of wowowee!!!gus2 ko ang show na ito kc nkk2long cla sa mga tao lalo na sa mga mahihirap,sana mg2loy 2loy pa i2 show na i2!!!i like willie,he's a gud person,ang comment ko lng sana yung iba dancers bigyan nla ng chance na makilala din ng buong sambayanan,wag lng plagi yung 3 popular girls dancers sa wowowee,kc kawawa nman yung iba na nag susumikap din sa pagsasayaw pra mkilala ng madha pilipino db???give a chance to them,kc nakakasawa din nman yung plagi 3 dancers lng ang lagi nsa camera,even the foreigner people they comment also 4 that!!!
16 Sep 2008 07:56 by meil
ang daya nyo may pinipili lang kayo
9 Sep 2008 05:20 by illustrado
You guys must be crazy saying greetings to Luningning and Willie Revillame. If you read better, HINDI po nila site ito. This is a blog created in reference to Wowowee and is not the official site.

Kudos to the author for a very nice write-up.
3 Sep 2008 07:09 by russia
Hello there!i really loved your show..I think dumating na yung time na nagkaron na ng katapat ang eat bulaga.Im not saying na sumaside ako sa any network.I loved both shows honest lang ako na gumaganda na ang show na wowowee.Payo lang willie wag masyado mataas ang lipad.The whole worl knows kung gano ka kasikat.Sana lang wag ka mamahiya ng mga tao sa loob ng show mo?Specially mga talents mo..I wish na sana tumagal pa ang show mo dahil even my mom napapasaya mo.Idol din kita dahil sa gud sense of humor mo..I liked the movie na ginawa mo with ipe nung sidekick ka pa nya.Gusto ko patawa mo dun!good luck to everyone of you!God bless all the Filipino!!
29 Aug 2008 12:24 by lyra
hi milagring ganda mo talaga wish ko na makita kita ln personal sa darating na b-day ko sa sept.1 add mo lang ako masaya nako basta ikaw ang idol ko forever hope na i-a-add mo ko ha.....
1 Aug 2008 10:32 by mae
ang ganda m
tlga idol n idol
tlga kta!!!!!!!!
and 4 luningning
umalis kk na
s wowowee
mukha k nang mtanda
noh kht
anung gawi m
mas mganda p
dn sau c
milagring noh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Aug 2008 09:49 by ivon
hi....puppy..batiin mo nman ako jan sa show nyo.idol ko show nyo.wag ka ppa apekto kay joey.inggit lang un...ok.god bless
25 Jul 2008 10:38 by Kaitjen
Luningning, Milagring and Mariposa are all equally beutiful and great dancers. But I wonder what happened to Mary. She is also a beauty. Just wondering
24 Jul 2008 11:10 by jay
ganda mo talaga ate milagring
18 Jul 2008 07:20 by rovie
galing talaga sumayaw ni mariposa,milagring and luningning.......
walang katulad..........
13 Jul 2008 04:13 by Rose
I would like to see more of Kat-kat (one of the ASF dancers who is always dancing at the back of the group) on the frontline please.
11 Jul 2008 07:06 by anne
well of course pinasisikat yung may personality
like luningning
hello milagring is always the second...
mariposa is goog but for the 3 of them c luningnig ang best ok...
nakakasaw namang sumayaw ni mariposa at saka di naman masyadong magaling si mailgring...
hot test pa rin c luningning
8 Jul 2008 10:05 by dEe
I'm waiting for Aiko Climaco (one of the ASF dancers) to get her well deserved break! I think she's the prettiest out of all the dancers. Followed by Mariposa. Don't get me wrong, Luningning can definitely shake her "money maker", but its now time to pass on the torch!
1 Jul 2008 01:14 by roger
ang ganda ganda motalaga luningning,milagring,aiko,lovely,mariposa,hope marami pa>>>patay na patay ako sa inyo
28 Jun 2008 07:05 by Tita
The dancers of Wowowee are really good. Way much better than other shows. They have real talent in dancing and hopefully they get more exposure in the international community. Lots of luck to all of you!
22 Jun 2008 07:03 by andx
i like luningning
both dito sa amin sa office
shes a great dancer compare to milagring....
pretty pah
kahit anu pa sasaihin nyo the philippine airlines comapny say
go luningning
21 Jun 2008 01:05 by joseph orongan
ganda nila milagring and luningning!! ang kinis kinis pah!!!
17 Jun 2008 09:37 by marvin
hi !!!love u loningnng
12 Jun 2008 08:26 by Crissy
I love Luningning... she is a greattt dancers. She got the move. Very graceful! Keep it up girl... we love you.
3 Jun 2008 02:08 by chan-chan
go milagring ... idol ü , d ko n keo mpapanuod , may psok n kse ...
31 May 2008 07:15 by illinoisan
18 May 2008 12:53 by hanz
sna p2loy k p ring ckat, at sna hndi k n kumupas.
hinahangan kta luningning!!!
god bless you!!!
always take care ha!
8 May 2008 05:50 by neeko
dont tease mariposa..
see your face in the mirror before u judge other people lunining milagring mariposa are lifted the w0w0wee dont judge people.. >:
8 May 2008 05:48 by neeko
dont tease mariposa..
see your face in the mirror before u judge other people lunining milagring mariposa are lifted the w0w0wee dont judge people.. >:
23 Apr 2008 03:46 by none
luningning ang ganda mo at magaling sumayaw at sexy pa!
22 Apr 2008 02:55 by pogi
your game hep-hep horay is pretty good. but the onle problem u keep picking the old people to win. then u asked the young people to give them a chance.... i think thats not fair to other people who is participating.. might as well just pick all the contestant.. old people...cause we know wats happen.... if our you just cancell your hep hep horay game.....athanks christian chicago il.
17 Apr 2008 05:32 by
The Charm of Luningning is the thing that makes her look beautiful than milangring.
Add mo naman ako luningning kung may friendster account ka.... tnx and more power!!!
15 Apr 2008 05:48 by pRettY
hi lUniNgniNg..lAm mU uR so cUtE aNd sUpAh gaLiNg mU pA sUmAyAw,kya nga idoL n idoL kaH nMn d2 sAh BICOL eH..laV yAH,kEEpUp 'dA gUd woRk..mUaahhhh
15 Apr 2008 04:16 by troy
ang ganda moh milagring ikaw type koh batiin u naman me sa wowowee sa sabado .....andrew batangas of batangas... hrm ....tnx
13 Apr 2008 12:40 by Jeremiah
danna gert na gert kita sana kita tau personal d2 sa tanay, rizal
10 Apr 2008 06:08 by savb
ganda tlga ni milagring i love you,,
8 Apr 2008 02:30 by Mart
hAi Luningning at Milagring.......... Ang ganda nyo! Atsaka ang galing nyo pang sumayaw.......... Idol ko tlaga kayo!
27 Mar 2008 12:16 by bambam
hi luningning alam mo idol naidol taltga kta ihope na magkta na tyo sa personal sana lumabas na yong magazin nyo at my poster na kayo pag wowowee tym na hindi na talaga ako magpa utos para mapanood lang kita.i hope where bcome friend add me era nicole garganera,,,from davao city.good luck sa pag sayaw everyday i love you.......
23 Mar 2008 12:00 by tenten
galing mo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at MAGANDA PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22 Mar 2008 08:17 by buboy
ang angda at galing talaga ni milagring magsayaw sana mas gumanda pa ang career niya sa dos.she's 1 of d reason kung bakit favorite ko ang wowowee.more power to wowowee!!!!!!!!!
19 Mar 2008 07:23 by cris
luningning at milagring iksian ninyo pa yung short ninyo para mapagjakol pa ng masarap!!!
13 Mar 2008 06:06 by raztec
ang pangit ng show nyo pasara nyo na yan
7 Mar 2008 04:20 by mike
i like you milagring your so cute nice smile /nice move
6 Mar 2008 05:57 by jane
i wanna great hi and a big hello to ate milagring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gusto kitang makita ng personal hindi lang sa tv.............. gusto talaga kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! INGATZZZZ............ ANG GANDA MO TALAGA MAGKAPAREHO TAYONG MAGANDA.................... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.......... HINDI YON JOKE TOTOO ANG SINABI KO...................
6 Mar 2008 05:43 by jane
hoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pinakamaganda si milagring!!!!!!!!!kay luningning mas magaling sumayaw si milagring ................ talonin mo si luningning............ go go go go go................ milagring......... idol kita ilove u milagring...........
29 Feb 2008 05:14 by 19 EMO 68
just extend my regards to Ms. Aiko Climaco and CLEOPATRA... you girls rocks!!!! mwaaah!
29 Feb 2008 02:11 by halo8888
she is pretty.

check her also here....
25 Feb 2008 05:49 by shelo
go.. go.... ate luningning ur the best dancer of all masmagaling kapang sumayaw kaysa kay ni ate rovie at danna........!
23 Feb 2008 11:34 by jhona_paulo
..,hi mariel ang ganda2x mo papie sna mkalaro din ako jan...valerie ang cute mo mommy pokwang i love you,,,ate mariel sna di mona hiwalayan si papa zanjo
19 Feb 2008 01:47 by dirk
>>>ang gAnda mUh talaga.....luningning pasok!!11
14 Feb 2008 04:29 by anna
14 Feb 2008 12:11 by froilan
mahal na mahal kita luningning your the best
6 Feb 2008 08:46 by That Asian guy
4 Feb 2008 01:07 by Paolo miguel
Hi luningning,im paolo,8 so much in love with're a great and very sexy dancer.i hope to see u in person 1 day.keep it up.
3 Feb 2008 05:03 by jhedz
you`re all great and so graceful in dancing,just focus on what you are doing today at higit pa dyan ang kaya nyong maabot,and just cont. sa inyong carrer,,,,go on........
2 Feb 2008 11:48 by YASMIN, MARIA & BESSIE
Dear Pappy,
We are avid viewers of wowowee here in Saudi Arabia. We felt sad that Luningning and Mariposa no longer in the Pasalog portion. We tremendously enjoy watching them. Balik nyo na lang sila.Also, Eric has a good punchline lalo na sa Bigat 10, kakatuwa ang mga lines nya. We enjoy seeing Owen dance---very seksi. Yan lamang po...and I hope mabigyan ng pansin ang aming mga comments.

Please greet naman us where we work as OR NURSES in TADAWI GENERAL HOSPITAL namely: YASMIN, MARIA, BESSIE, LANIE and ANNA.

Thank you and more power to your show.
31 Jan 2008 07:21 by palaboy
ang arte ni mariel sana dina makabalik sa wowowee MARIL HOY TSUPIIII MAARTE KA
18 Jan 2008 12:05 by megan
pero magagaling kayong tatlo wish ko lang maka-showdown kayong tatlo...goodluck nalang sa show niyong in italy
18 Jan 2008 12:01 by megan
hi luningning showdown tayo para malaman kung sino ang mas magaling sa atin....pati si milagring maripusa
10 Jan 2008 08:14 by edz
Luningning and milagring is best dancer in town.......Yeehey. I love you.......
4 Jan 2008 02:16 by !!!!
hii luningning UR SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
4 Jan 2008 02:13 by criper
pra sakin mas maganda p rin c luningning
kasi CUTE sya at magling ring sumayaw!!!
IDOL !!!!!
2 Jan 2008 05:07 by jn
lets sex luningning
2 Jan 2008 03:08 by mike
para sa akin mas ok si milagring very sweet @loving cya
29 Dec 2007 11:34 by MICH
we love luningning.

She's the best....

pampawala ng pagod sa aming mga TFC..
23 Dec 2007 05:27 by acac18
cnu un bagong host ng wowowwee ngayun lang
23 Dec 2007 03:32 by makoy
Elow pow!! Ganda U Tlga Ate Luning2,Milagring at ate aiko! i lolololove yayah!! Alm u n yan! 101.9 4 life! From! Hemman without "h" and Neilvic Pra kay Aiko!! ^_^
23 Dec 2007 02:41 by JOEY
23 Dec 2007 02:34 by rob
Willie, keep up the good and honest work for the pilipino people. Hwag mong intindihin u'ng palaging umi-iyak na bata dahil they just want to get attention at dahil wala silang magawang matino kundi tingnan ang ibang tao..bakit di nila tingnan muna ang kanilang sarili sa salamin..Keep up tyhe good show at thanks sa pagmamalasakit mo sa masang pilipino..regards to Roxanne.. GOD BLESS YOU AND THE WHOLE STAFF OF WOWOWEE.
19 Dec 2007 09:39 by jayson
mas maganda si milagring at kysa kay luningning pero ok na rin si luningning!!!
13 Dec 2007 04:09 by spunkyknight
i just love watching these Filipino shows.

They show a lot of beautiful women with kinky attitudes.

Well, I think I have enough money to buy out this Luningning girl and also her partner Milagring. They're both very pretty Filipinas. I hope they're good in bed too.
11 Dec 2007 05:44 by Mabel
hey guys! you look great!Q!!
8 Dec 2007 09:29 by yhexekiel
lea carla pki sv nmn ky jenny
n add nya ko!!!
5 Dec 2007 01:05 by heartthrob20
hi love u..mwahhh..galing niyong sumayaw..idol!1..
5 Dec 2007 10:19 by RJ
I love the girl who gives the questions for the Yes / No Game!!!! What's her name? Somebody please tell me!!!!
4 Dec 2007 11:24 by keb
hi!ganda tlaga ni milagring
1 Dec 2007 10:51 by nesnes
wla n 22lad sa inyo kau ang no;1
28 Nov 2007 10:50 by allen
hanep . . .wlng k2lad, , ,d'bzt tlga. . .mre powrs guyz. . . .gudlck
23 Nov 2007 03:49 by mic
ang ganda ganda mo milagring
21 Nov 2007 02:53 by jan angelo l.sta ana
hi luningning mahal na mahal na kita may asawa knba ngaun
21 Nov 2007 01:30 by zands
Hi milagring i wish sana mgkaron k ng part s wowowee .we love you
20 Nov 2007 05:38 by neña
Hello!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luningning is the best dancer, walang makakatalo sa sikat pah......!1111111111111hahahahahahah
19 Nov 2007 11:22 by ShaDe
Milagring is the reason why I watch Wowowee. She's a fairytale came true. Anybody want's to hook me up more about her?
19 Nov 2007 04:42 by JasmienAlonzoCruz
wow! I am totally a fan of Luningning(Lea Carla Santos) and Milagring(Danna De Castro)i watch Wowowee every day three time or twice an day cuz i want 2 see the when i see them it makes me fell good in side i think u know me in reno when sid protasio took my family back stage and my family took pictures with both if u.Luningning wAs wearing blue green na pants and u were wearing ur jacket on ur hips same thing with Milagring but hers was light green.Both of u where just sitting on the bench.An i was the one who gave u the Victoria secret bag.It had a letter and it had some lotions,body sprays, and many m0re i hope both of u used it.
18 Nov 2007 05:13 by John

Request lang pakantahin mo c Valerie,,Crush ko sya iba ang dating nya sakin,,As in Super....
13 Nov 2007 04:35 by mercury
kuya wellie tulungan u me mk pagtrabaho!!!
13 Nov 2007 02:52 by mok
hi... anu poh vah nem ng new dancer na plaging pnapakta kung sasayaw xa ng sayaw darling??? yung nasa likod ni tessa...
11 Nov 2007 06:44 by mich
para sa akin you look good milagring
11 Nov 2007 03:06 by paul
hi all i love u milagring
6 Nov 2007 01:19 by aldrin
oi anu ba title nung kantang tatatarata ung sa pasalog!
5 Nov 2007 09:10 by emmeline
hi po ate danna idol ko talaga kaw ang ganda mo talaga ingat ka always lagi muwahhhh
5 Nov 2007 09:04 by Emmeline
magaling lang po si luningning sumayaw at sexy pero mas maganda pa rin po si {milagring}
5 Nov 2007 07:50 by sha
c milagring maganda na maronong pang sumayaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ang ka luningning maronong lang sumayaw pero hindi maganda
3 Nov 2007 05:39 by carolyn
hi pape welle ang cute m talaga
1 Nov 2007 01:55 by secret
luningning may friendster kba pde malamn e-mail add mo? :D ang gnda mo kc eh crush kta :D
1 Nov 2007 01:50 by mark
hi luningning ur so hot and sexy and also you mariposa :D
31 Oct 2007 05:50 by Randy
I will be visiting the Philippines in 08 and will
try my best to get on the show and ask Ms.
Luningning to Marry Me....:)
30 Oct 2007 07:11 by alex rj
ang gaganda nyo girls
25 Oct 2007 01:13 by christine joyce
elow popwede po bang makipag friend ang1 batang 10 years old
24 Oct 2007 02:56 by merlie_sure
24 Oct 2007 02:05 by bhe
'd best talaga ang asf dancers
22 Oct 2007 04:35 by jhE2x
hi milagring.....
ganda muh aman.,hehehehe
galingan muh p sa pagsayaw.,hahaha
ingat lague..,bye poh., pa-add n lng poh s friendster,kung meron k, tnx
19 Oct 2007 09:51 by vanessa
i loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooo much M.I.L.A.G.R.I.N.G...!!!!!!!!!!!!
17 Oct 2007 04:01 by yetski
Hi Milagring alam mo ikaw talaga gusto kong panoorin sa wowowee kasi napaganda mo at maamo pa ang mukha mo kaysa kay luningning i love you milagring!!!!
17 Oct 2007 12:43 by jade
its me jade. ingat lgi crush ko ha? wg lalaki ulo. hehe. sna mgkta tau ate lea a.k.a luningning. take care olweyz.
17 Oct 2007 08:31 by dex
i love aiko and mariposa because they both beautiful
16 Oct 2007 08:08 by che-che
wow! beautiful show plus beautiful dancers! jackpot huh! ..palitan nyo na po c mariposa, nakakasawa na kc xa, c milagring po ang ipalit nyo sakanya, she's way more beautiful and really fantastic dancer than mariposa. mas ok po tingnan pag si milagring at luningning ang magkasama sa 1 segment.. everyone agrees with me..
15 Oct 2007 11:01 by teta
elow magicp nga kaung lahat..,,anong sabi nyo mas mganda c luningning kaysa kay milagring...????,,elow nd nyo ba naki2ta ang Lki Lki super ng noo ni luningning atska maputi lng nmn xa huh..????..kumpara kay milagring mgnda na maputi pa..?????...o anong say nyo???.dva
14 Oct 2007 02:39 by theresa
ate (milagring) danna sana show naman kayo dito sa pinagbuhatan pasig city
11 Oct 2007 09:49 by tata
idol na idol ko si milagring!!maganda at magaling sumayaw..sana ganon rin kalooban nya..luv yah!!
10 Oct 2007 10:06 by JON
9 Oct 2007 01:31 by Mich
Milagring and laki ng HITA mo parang hita ng baboy!!!ha...ha...ha..Mukha ka lang, katawan wala ka!!!Sa sayaw wala ka rin!!Sa kinis wala ka rin!!!ang lalaki ng mga muscles mo!!!yak!!!.
9 Oct 2007 01:27 by nene
Mariposa and arte arte mo!!trying hard!!!ang pangit mo sumayaw lalo na sa ASAP yak ano ba ginawa mo dun nagballey ka ba? o lumilipad !!!ha...ha...ha....
9 Oct 2007 01:23 by Michelle
I hate MARIPOSA !!!MARI-PUSA di beuty pageant yan wag kang tumayo lang sa Pasalog ayusin mo ung contestant!!Bakit kailangan tawagin pa ni Willie c Luningning eh kay MARI-PUSA kaya dapat un kc di pa turn ni Luningning!!Mariposa ang tamad mo!!ANG ARTE ARTE MO TALAGA !!!
8 Oct 2007 11:27 by aine
galing ninyong sumayw
5 Oct 2007 06:14 by firefly
i like luningning..
1 Oct 2007 03:17 by yan
danna ang ganda mo, my bf kna ba....?pwd hingi pic... u?cge na, u can call me i2 # q 09223830000
1 Oct 2007 03:04 by yan
love u milagring....!pwd hingi friendster account u...........
1 Oct 2007 07:48 by nathalie
hi im nathalie cn u be my friend?
29 Sep 2007 11:43 by dennisse
ganda ganda talaga ng costume nyo pang sexy ..heheh!!!
28 Sep 2007 06:15 by NiÑo cir joedan leyson raz
hi poh...pwede poh help nio poh me na ma meet c milagring ano kya whole name nia noh?? i really love her so much...
kahit cno pa cgrng artista..d ko xa pag papalit..
kso nga lang ung tanong..matanggap nga kya ako..... me im a simple pro i think pwede naman e harap sa publico ang face ko toinkz.. hehehe..milagring rocks my world!!
28 Sep 2007 06:11 by NiÑo
hi poh...hmmp wowowee is the best 4 me..
milagring's complete my day.... hmmpp..
kung pwede lang nga e meet xa eh... i really love here dapat xa sa pasalog d c mariposa..
bt lwa me magagawa kung un gus2 ng wowowee..hmmpp milagring stay safe love u..
d knaman kc ma add sa friendster eh..c ate lea naman d nia na poh..
26 Sep 2007 09:33 by lhyn@stam
luningning ur the best!
25 Sep 2007 06:30 by shiela
24 Sep 2007 06:29 by jeric
okay naman c luning at milagring cute nga nila tuloy lng kau..
24 Sep 2007 03:03 by jun
maganda at magaling parin si milagring at crush na crush ko sya.luv u milagring.
24 Sep 2007 02:52 by mhy
i love luningning and jenny!!!ang ganda nyo grabeh!!!
24 Sep 2007 02:45 by mhy
",hi luningning ang galing mong sumayaw!!!mas maganda nga sau si milagring pero mas magaling ka nman sumayaw!!!ur such a good dancer...gud luck and more power.....
23 Sep 2007 08:02 by anGeLyka
I reaLly Love miLagrinG I hOpe that miLagrinG wiLl ShOw at ASaP.... I reaLly hate ManiPoSA
19 Sep 2007 07:22 by erene
hi u guys rock great job i wish u guys are alway togther and great job u guys so rock and i wish you come here in saipan always togther
16 Sep 2007 10:23 by rox
i really like luningning dahil magaling siyang sumayaw,mabait daw sabi ni willie, at maganda. i just wanna ask why umeksena si mariposa, hindi siya bagay sa wowowee napaka ambisyosa, gusto niyang agawan ng truno c idol.sna mapagtapos niya ng pagaaral yung mga kapatid niya.GOD BLESSS YOU.
13 Sep 2007 04:28 by bing
alam nyo lahat cla magaganda at magaling pang sumayaw..gus2 ko c luningning pero mas gus2 ko c milagring kc d nakakasawa ang mukha nya.
10 Sep 2007 01:32 by jalo
add mo nmn me sa friendster crush kasi kita eh MilaGrinG wosho" at yan ha
10 Sep 2007 01:27 by jalo
hi pow ur so cute tlaga crush na crush kta mahal na nga kta eh i love u pow....
9 Sep 2007 02:44 by aiza
is it true, luningning and milagring is a gay?
8 Sep 2007 05:39 by Santy
6 Sep 2007 04:59 by jhayne
hi sa lhat ng asf dancer...idol ko kau...ang gling nyo super...wla mka2talo senyo...kip up the good work...hi luningning..i love u so much...
5 Sep 2007 10:45 by agnes
grabe kayo galing nyong sumayaw
5 Sep 2007 01:53 by nichole
i love them both there super beautiful and super great.........your the BEST!.........I LOVE YOU.......napakagaling nyo sumayaw........i really really love it!..............muwahhh.....hugs and kisses
3 Sep 2007 07:19 by fitz
hi Mariel! good day to you! crush na crush kita! i like the way you are! your so nice! palagi kitang pinapanood sa wowowee! add mo naman ako sa friendster or sa yahoo mo!! i also like wowowee! niCE show! nagpa2saya kau ng mga tao sa buong mundo! godbleSs!
2 Sep 2007 11:43 by mart
2 Sep 2007 11:38 by mart
ang ganda mo luningning,
31 Aug 2007 03:37 by ivy
idol ko talaga si luningning kasi ang galing niya sumayaw keep up the good work...... sana makita tika sa personel pls... naman
29 Aug 2007 09:33 by jesse naomi and josh
Luningning has just more media exposure than the rest of the dancers. ALL ASF dancers are cute and good in dancing. But since you want to make comparison, I think Milagring is way much cuter than Luningning. Luningning is a 5 to us, Milagring is a 10!
29 Aug 2007 08:18 by neng
willie, ang drama mo ngaun sa wowowee. paiyak-iyak kpa! Cnasabi mo na di mo tinitira c joey de leon, eh! ganun ka rin naman eh! nangiinsulto kpa minsan! Pikon ka rin kamo!
29 Aug 2007 09:58 by floyd
hi luningning..i love ur moves and i love you too...
29 Aug 2007 02:27 by hananh
luningnig and mariposa and milagring are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because they are so beautiful and really really a perfect dancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i love them and i like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. so keep up the good work girls you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bye bye
28 Aug 2007 02:11 by jasper
28 Aug 2007 06:55 by domers
Please willie please can i see a naked version of this show the woman are so HOT!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
27 Aug 2007 08:52 by PJ from La Puente
These young women are absolutely georgeous and if any Hollywood agents see them, they are Hollywood USA bound. They are so talented as dancers and their personalities exude charisma.
26 Aug 2007 08:28 by cutie_pie2
milagring you are the best!!!!!
24 Aug 2007 03:17 by stephanie
hi ate luningning sna pupunta kau xa cbu pra mkita kta xa personal i love u ate luningning mwahhhhhhhhhh......
22 Aug 2007 10:55 by VINCENT
21 Aug 2007 12:31 by '-kHaReN
hay milagring ang ganda mo tlga!!!!i luv u!!!!08
20 Aug 2007 06:24 by makisig
sarap nyong hindutin... milagring and luningning... hihimudin ko talaga un puki nyo.
19 Aug 2007 07:46 by onin
hi dana pde ko bng hingi number mu..tx mu nmn ako ..crush n crush kta tlaga ,actualy mhal n kta eh..tx mu ko plss.09064576895

tnx po,ingtz plage!mwuah
18 Aug 2007 05:43 by aLgRiN
..anu b tlga name mu???
..gnd gnd gnd mo tlg.. mgnda k p ky luningning..
..can i get ur no.??
..txt k nmn s no. ko oh..
..GANDA MO TALAGA!!!!!!!!!
17 Aug 2007 09:14 by cute_ae92
hi luningning...i like how the way you dance! so sexy! am just one of ur million admirers! take care
17 Aug 2007 01:23 by april
hi!.......... milagring ur so ganda talaga................i dont like mariel coz she is trying hard and o.a.....
17 Aug 2007 12:51 by mYcheMicaLroMaNcE: Cingular Beyrz
Whatever you`re all saying... I like luningning more than Milagring... Although they're both beautiful, Luningning is a better dancer than Milagring. More power for the both of you.
16 Aug 2007 12:33 by arianne
you guys are all nice dancers
14 Aug 2007 02:22 by ken
hi luningning add u me plz
14 Aug 2007 02:18 by ken
hi luningning alam u ba crush kya tlga
14 Aug 2007 05:13 by geneva
woohooo!!!! party peeps k rin noh!!?? kung gus2 u c mariel, mas guto q xa!!!! sna pg nkita u xa ulit tanong u cp. no nya!!! tapos i-send u sa'kin!!!!
plsssss. i really like her so much!!!
14 Aug 2007 04:26 by jade
i like them when they got the mover i like both them because they are such a good dancer just like me asf girls keep up the good work....thank for enspiring me in term of dancing...tnx
12 Aug 2007 12:00 by bhing
Mas maganda naman si Milagring kaysa kay Luningning. Tingnan niyong mabuti.
10 Aug 2007 10:33 by monicz23
hello milagring...gnda mo tlga!!!idol n idol kta..muwaah
8 Aug 2007 07:41 by Marc Jordan
Milagring ang ganda mo.. Idol talaga kita.. Ang lakas mo sa Pagadian City
8 Aug 2007 12:14 by CINDY
8 Aug 2007 12:12 by CINDY
6 Aug 2007 08:31 by sarra
hi~luningning mahal na kita
6 Aug 2007 07:16 by sarra
luningning~i love you ako malake do ASF Dancers
3 Aug 2007 03:14 by shiela
i don`t like mariposa.she is trying hard and i like luningning better.....
2 Aug 2007 12:39 by ian
I love both luninigning and miloagring both are great dancers
1 Aug 2007 01:38 by angel
i love you all the wowowie staff..i like your show araw2 po kami nanunuod di2 sa cagayan de oro city sa inyong noon tym show..mahal namin ang kapamilya na 2..E TODO nyo nah..!!!!ang saya2^____^
31 Jul 2007 08:11 by naser
all what you write is great but what about mary pusa where is she in you blog .................................................................!!!.... ?
25 Jul 2007 07:09 by sandy
hmmm...pinasisikat talaga c luningning pero mas gusto ko parin c milagring,,may personality pa!!!
19 Jul 2007 01:57 by kiona
luningning and milagring rock!!
and luningning, i hope u feel better! [;
u are a great dancer and i hope u will get to dance pasalog soon! cause mariposa or watever SUCKS!! u are waaay better than her. mariposa looks so evil!
17 Jul 2007 01:02 by Nicky
hi your so great