Mall of Asia, Philippines

Sunday 27 May 2007 23:00
Vanila in Manila
Mall of Asia 1

Mall of Asia Front

Mall of Asia 2

Mall of Asia Front

Mall of Asia 3

This impressive Globe sculpture sits
outside the Mall of Asia

Mall of Asia 4

Mall of Asia Entrance

Today I went to the Mall of Asia, the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and one of the largest in the world. Its hard to describe just how big it is. The 650 shops and 150 service and dining establishments are located on two floors over a massive area occupied by 4 buildings with interconnecting walkways. Outside and inside there is of course a massive car park with spaces for 5,000 vehicles (source wikipedia). Walkways from the second floor take you outside for an impressive view of Manila bay, especially if you can catch a sunset. Alas I am visiting in the rainy season and its been too cloudy on a night for a decent sunset photo.

This was my first time to see a Philippines supermarket, although in the case of the Mall of Asia its a Hypermarket. Prices are far cheaper than I'm used to back home in Britain. 330cl 5% San Miguel beer was about 25p a can. Pringles are half the price and Pizza flavour is still available (what happened to it in Britain?). I bought Starbuck's for a fraction of the price (although there was about a 20 minute wait to be served). There's also a wide variety of exotic fruits. And fish too, so fresh they are swimming in a tank ready to be chosen!

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24 Aug 2012 05:28 by Mary
my first since been build its huge everything there, I think I wont finish going around all day, Ill be going back bring some more loot.Thank you
8 Apr 2012 04:17 by evalyn
I'm proud to be a Filipino, 99.9% of tourist from all over the world never miss the Mall of Asia. Even myself, a shopaholic person won't miss a single shops wherever we go. I came from Mindanao island lived in Britain for years. This Mall is highly recommended if you visit Philippines(that's if you like a busy cities)
16 Feb 2012 04:50 by BerryMahone
Love this mall i go here all the time :)
14 Mar 2010 05:18 by Mr. Bean

Bean here, I plan to visit Phillipenes. Just wondering what the hours of operation are. (Please post hours or is it open 24h)

I bring Teddy!

-Bean out
23 Feb 2010 06:44 by etc
i can't wait to check this mall next year on my visit to philippines...
28 Jan 2010 01:43 by Kim Berly
l love this mall, it is huge and wonderfull. l'll back soon.
2 Jan 2010 05:42 by sweety
im currently in malaysia and nothing to be compared to philippines' mall of asia! malls here are not that big as mall of asia and dont have a nice views except for the petronas twin tower (klcc) which is more expensive!!! and take note: i thought only philippines is the most traffic jam country but i didnt expect that even in sky way here are so traffic jam!!!!
8 Dec 2009 04:40 by zel
im so excited to visit mall of asia, thats one of my itinerary of my scheduled visit in manila next year...
27 Oct 2009 11:55 by chazz
Correct me if im wrong, i have a comment on this, mall of asia is not the largest mall in the world, its only the largest mall in asia. Try Edmonton mall in Canada, it is bigger than mall of asia...
13 Sep 2009 02:46 by dan
mall of asia is number one mall on the world........i love philippines
21 May 2009 08:39 by Grace
just came back from PHILIPPINES and by the time we landed in the NAIA Airport we went right away to the MALL OF ASIA even though we have a jetlog eat lunch.........The MALLN IS SOOOOO BIG of course we miss OUR FOOD they dont have that in the UNITED STATES.

21 Apr 2009 05:42 by clenette
I been there 2 yrs ago but i did not enjoy that much due to many relatives around you. but this time me and my bf will visit again at the "mall of asia" nxt year...I can't wait to go back home and enjoy the whole month doing shopping.....the place is nice and beautifull..
3 Apr 2009 01:08 by sammy

20 Mar 2009 09:29 by jake
Ang ganda talaga ang MALL OF ASIA, BESST OF THE BEST talaga ang SM MALL OF ASIA!!!!!!!!!!!.....
3 Mar 2009 04:19 by Luella1993
HII I am Luella, I live in Denmark I am 15, I hope so much that I can come there this summer, Cos I will bring alot of money to go shopping, and eat hehehehhehe. And wow you can also get mojitos over there, cocktails stuff like that, and they have h├Ągen daas ice cream :D heheh I love everything about philippines i promise you, I love it all all their big malls and the people and the food omg and I am from philippines but i live in dk ): Just wait for me MALL OF ASIA and I will come and rock you all :D I will be there summer 2009 in june or july or :D
12 Feb 2009 04:20 by teth
I can't wait to see this mall. The last time I was in P.I. was in 2004 ... I will definitely visit thisbefore I do my Navy service :D
30 Jan 2009 09:05 by qwerty
this mall haz everything ... BIG
30 Jan 2009 09:01 by lazy bonez
wow i gotta check ths mall out
28 Jan 2009 06:30 by =Bbyshunga=
OMG..wOW i will def. go back to Phil. to visit diz mall of asia..Wen i left P.I diz Mall of Asia hasn't built yet..i rmember wen i was der my mOther and i and my sisters would alwaiz g2 SM in Pampanga t2 go shOp..jeje^^
but luks intersting and luks like
dey hav alot of gd stuff to buy..i cant wait to see it wid my own eyes...lolz.."D

2 Jan 2009 09:22 by Maria
I Love Mall Of Asia<3
Its so nice!
20 Dec 2008 05:58 by honey
if u guys wanna visit philippines don't missed to shop and dine here in SM Mall of Asia.. you will surely love it... :p
23 Nov 2008 04:58 by grace
I am from colorado in the USA. i love the mall of Asia. :) this is the best mall i ever
14 Oct 2008 05:32 by duria
sosyal...!!!!!!!! mayamn..pangit!!!!!!
7 Oct 2008 03:58 by Tony
Hi Heidi!!!! XOXOXOXOX
5 Sep 2008 10:42 by rick
Yeah I've been there...and it's big. If you like malls, you will enjoy your visit in the philippines as it seems like everywhere you go there's a mall.
3 Sep 2008 08:42 by jm
im definitelt, def. going back to the Philippines next year to see this huge mall, havent been there for years, and i havent seen this mall, from the inside and out.. im going shopping there
10 Jun 2008 05:11 by leanne
Hello im going philipenes in november , has any1 been at this time? would like to know if any thing worth seeing and what will the weather be like?
14 Apr 2008 09:29 by jhoeyyy
hey its true I went to the philippines like 4 months ago, it's wayyy cheaper there than here in the UK and the country has got lots of good landscapes too! it's amazin! tho i didnt get to go to that asia mall, as I've seen on ur piccys i bet it's great inside as well! now i really wana go there! thanks for postin =D
26 Mar 2008 12:04 by Rey T.
I'll be going myself tommorow backhome 27Mar08 from New Zealand after quit a while. Thanks, your site very informative.
26 Jan 2008 07:58 by jaytee aka kumpare
HI mall of asia july one, bye north carolina june 30 ....

HELLO Philippines
15 Dec 2007 10:41 by Lee chan ryan
like my sister said
15 Dec 2007 10:39 by learyan
Code is so blurry! all i see is yellow !

hell yea its cool!
15 Dec 2007 03:06 by MAI
23 Nov 2007 12:59 by jason
mall of asia is cool.mall of asia big
19 Nov 2007 04:51 by j
thatz pretty kool!! i've been 2 the Mall Of Asia 2!! i luv it so much!! i went there twice in a row, and i still didn't get through half of the mall!
25 Oct 2007 06:32 by Ray
When I went to the Philippines it was so fun. We visited the mall and it was so big. You could find anything you wanted in that store. It was my first time going to the Philippines too so it made it even more exciting. Stay Pinoy