Metro Manila from Antipolo, Philippines

Tuesday 29 May 2007 20:20
Vanila in Manila

If you want to get a good view of Metro Manila (Manila and its 16 districts/provinces), Philippines, and the surrounding areas, then Antipolo is a good place to go. I don't know much about Antipolo except that its a good place to go for photos as the hill we drove up was very high. You can really see how vast this area is. From here I could get some good photos helped by the zoom and image stabilisation of my Panasonic Lumix camera. It was marred only slightly by the misty atmosphere and lack of a decent sunset - but then it is the rainy season! The view was stunning all the same.

Manila and provinces from Antipolo

Ortigas as seen from Antipolo
the dark building is Union Bank

On my way to Antipolo I took a quick chance to take pictures of the squatters area in Cainta from a bridge using zoom again. This shows a sharp contrast to the highrise office blocks I could see from Antipolo revealing a whole section of the population living in makeshift homes.

Squatters in Cainta, Philippines

A closer shot of squatters area

That night we went into Manila and along baywalk to see nightlife in the city. The rainy season really kicked in and I didn't get any decent photographs, especially as it was at night. However I can say that the city sure is colourful at night with many bars, restaurants, clubs and KTV (Karaoke TV) bars which are very popular in the Philippines. Returning from Manila it started to rain very heavily along with the usual expected thunder and lightening. There were soon floods and we drove through large pools of water in some areas. On the way back some places had lost power but on getting back to the house we were relieved to see we still had electricity. It would have been a long night without air-con.

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25 Oct 2009 06:06 by angel
i think.......
Metro manila is a beautiful place.....
cause it have many tourist spot.....
i just hope that I could go there...