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Posted on: Saturday 16 Jul 2011 12:24
My experiences of farming slime balls from slimes in Minecraft including screen shots and a few slime facts.
Posted on: Sunday 10 Jul 2011 11:00
Solution to your videos being too dark after uploading to YouTube.
Posted on: Friday 25 Mar 2011 17:33
How to package your Flash App for iOS with AIR 2.6 from command line.
Posted on: Thursday 10 Feb 2011 22:12
Creating a 2D or 3D array in Actionscript 3 is not something you can do natively. It is however very easy to do programmatically and on this page I'll explain how to do this easily. There's also a handy diagram to help visualise arrays with 1, 2 and 3 dimensions.
Posted on: Sunday 16 Jan 2011 16:24
Short article on my experiences with space need to use the Xbox Kinect
Posted on: Sunday 05 Dec 2010 10:58
Reasons Minecraft has taken my attention from Warcraft.
Posted on: Saturday 21 Feb 2009 11:26
Posted on: Friday 02 Jan 2009 17:24

Tutorial to convert video for viewing on your Xbox 360

Posted on: Thursday 09 Oct 2008 02:16
Posted on: Tuesday 07 Oct 2008 07:28