England Smokefree

Friday 20 Apr 2007 16:42
England Smoke Free

Our smokefree pack, smokers beware!

This week HM Government sent us our smokefree pack (yes they spell it as one word) in anticipation of England becoming smoke free on Sunday 1 July 2007. From this date on...

"it will be against the law to smoke, or permit others to smoke, in virtually all enclosed public places and workplaces in England".

Its interesting to note that employers are responsible for premises and vehicles covered under the law and are legally required to display the required signage. Our smokefree pack included several neat stickers to ward off potential smokers.

Even if you work from home you may be required to follow the new law if you have visiting clients or someone else from outside the household works in the premises.

You can find out more about Smokefree England at www.smokefreeengland.co.uk - why is not .gov.uk?

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5 May 2007 10:31 by starfox
I believe the intent of the act is that you should not smoke at home if you work from home in areas where members of the public go to obtain your goods or services while you are open for business. Still a bit intrusive from some people's point of view. Interestingly the white paper upon which the act was based to the stance that it imposed a blanket ban on smoking in enclosed areas and then allowed exceptions, like your own home. The act reversed this and bans smoking in enclosed areas to which the public have access for the purpose of obtaining goods or services or places of work. It then specifies a few caveats, such as if it happens to be your home then only while you are open and allows for exceptions. In fact reading the act it does not exclude the possibility of smoking clubs being permitted as long as "the appropriate authority" sees fit to allow them.
28 Apr 2007 05:55 by Judvrd
Where's my smokefree pack? That's what I want to know!