Dolphins at Bunbury, Western Australia

Sunday 23 Dec 2007 10:23

I was out in Bunbury on my Australian holiday today. Just days before Christmas the temperature is soaring into the 30s (°C). I went out by boat with friends and into the bay. Bunbury has quite a dolphin population and they are often curious about boats and people as you can see in my videos. At this point I should point out that you should never touch or feeds dolphins in the wild.

After taking the video of the mother and her baby, I got into the water with a mask and snorkle. The dolphins then came back and the mother swam to me, turning upward to look at me, blasting her sonar to scan me and then swam right underneath me. It was great to get so close to these wonderful creatures.

There are regular tours to see the dolphins from the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Center. I've been several times in the past and they are very well organised and include wet suits which certainly keep you warmer in the water.

Close to where we saw the dolphins I left the boat for some snorkling along a man-made structure of rocks which define a part of the bay. Anywhere fish can hide is always a good place for snorkling. I was delighted to see schools of fish swimming under me including snapper and whiting as well as crabs and many fish I couldn't identify darting in and out of the rocks. A good tactic is to duck dive and swim down. This usually causes some of the fish to reveal themselves.

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30 May 2008 04:18 by Kevblog
Hi Annie. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I didn't make to the Philippines this year which is why I went to Australia, but who knows what lies in the future. I hope to return to your beautiful country some day.
2 Feb 2008 04:15 by Annie

I'd like to know if you managed to come back here in the Philippines last December. I was following your blog especially about our country, and about Wowowee. Just wondering what will you write on your 2nd visit here.