Bunbury, Western Australia 2008

Saturday 15 Dec 2007 02:55

Today I arrived for my 3 week vacation over Christmas in Bunbury, Western Australia. I've been coming here for quite a while now to visit my old school friend and his family and the lots of friends I've made here over the years.

Bunbury is a great place to come to. Its on the West coast of Australia, just 2 hours south (by road) of Perth which is the major city in Western Australia. The city sure has grown over the years, and this year its Western Australia's fastest growing city (in terms of population). There's great beaches, shopping and good places to eat.

The first video (top) is from the observation point looking over the City and beaches. The second video is from the sea looking in. You can actually sea the observation point in this video (its a tower with a spiral staircase and cone roof). Both videos feature the major landmark around here - the Bunbury Tower, or 'milk carton' as its nick named.

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