Word of Warcraft, Antialiasing, Nvidia

Monday 27 Aug 2007 11:43

When talking graphics card settings, antialiasing is the smoothing of the edges of polygons. When I got my new LCD monitor, lack of this was more noticable than ever in Wow and I turned my attention to sorting it out for my GeForce 6800 graphics card.

The way to setup antialiasing is to go into your graphics settings and either force antialiasing ON all the time, or turn it on for Wow specifically with a profile. Wow has no independant antialiasing setting, so choosing to let the application control it is no good. The problem I found was that even after setting up a profile, antialiasing still wasn't working. Then in the back of my mind I remembered something I came across before with my last GeForce graphics card.

It turns out that at least in Wow (and perhaps only for some Nvidia cards), antialiasing will not work when using any of Wow's fullscreen glow effects. These need to be turned off for both normal gameplay and the death effect which is shown while you return to your body after dying. Full screen glow effect in Wow makes the graphics more vibrant and in my opinion a bit too garish, so turning it off was no problem for me. Now all my polygon edges are smooth.

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1 Oct 2007 07:46 by President of the Internet
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10 Sep 2007 11:40 by BootBlock
What!? Did you not take the wee-wee out of me for playing WoW when the expansion came out, but you're playing it right now? This is an outrage, and I demand full compensation. Maybe an aqualung. Or an aquaduct. Something with "aqua" in it. Not the band, dammit. Not the band!

I once widdle myself while playing Snow Bros in the local arcade back in Grimsby. Wouldn't have been a problem, except I was 15.

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27 Aug 2007 11:04 by President of the Internet
Yeah but you're still playing World of Warcraft - you lose all geek points for that.