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Sunday 05 Oct 2008 02:29
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Exceeding the height of the Eiffel Tower by 13m the Tokyo Tower is a similar looking structure from where all Tokyo's TV channels and FM radio stations are broadcast. Its quite a tourist attraction with a large car park where many visitors arrive by coach.

To get to the Tokyo Tower we took the subway on the central Yamanote Line (also called the JR line (Japan Railways)) to Ebisu where we left the station, walked across the road and entered the adjacent metro station where we took the Hibiya line to Kamiyacho. The tower is just a short walk from there.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower view

Tokyo Tower view

Tokyo Tower view

Odaiba, Tokyo Bay (zoom)

Cafe view

Tokyo Curry Lab

Described by Lonely Planet's Tokyo Guide as somewhat of a tourist trap, I'd have to agree. But would I do it again? YES - and here's why.

The downside has to be the long time spent queuing because only so many people can fit in the lifts (elevators). We queued to get tickets and then queued to go to the observation deck (150m) which cost ¥800 (£4). We also queued to get tickets to the 'special' observation deck (250m) even higher up (¥600; £3), and then queued to get down again.

BUT the views were spectacular and we rattled off shots on our digital cameras. The cafe of course had an unrivalled view and it was nice to sit down, relax and look over the city from such a height. Gift shops were aplenty and there's also other shops, a wax museum, 3D art gallery and more (most costing extra).

At the bottom floor we spotted Tokyo Curry Lab and just had to try it out. Its a very well presented 'experience'. Customers sit around a moodily lit central bar, each place having a small LCD screen showing a slide show. An interesting curry fact place mat (in English) gives you something to read during the short wait for your meal. There was a small set menu of 4 dishes to choose from. I had spicy pork (and a bottle of beer). More meat would have been nice but other than that the meal was excellent. I'm not a food reviewer so I'll leave it at that. A yoghurt drink is provided to cool your mouth after the meal which was a nice touch and I finished up by buying some Tokyo Curry Lab souvenirs (look out for your holiday present Dad!).


16 Sep 2010 04:23 by patti
Yes, I ate there - it is really a great experience! Definitely would go again. I love Japan!
8 Oct 2008 05:51 by Tracy
Nice Cake!!!