Luningning, Milagring, Mariposa Interview

Thursday 26 Jul 2007 17:35

ASF Dancers Luningning, Milagring and Mariposa have been interviewed on the Filipino morning show, Umagang Kay Ganda by Edu Manzano. After the interview the girls danced to the delight of their fans.

Luninging, Milagring and Mariposa are all dancers on the popular Philippines' noon-time game show Wowowee. While being immensely popular and household names in the Philippines they often take a back seat to host Willie Revillame and co-hosts Mariel Rodriguez and Roxanne Guinoo. They are rarely heard speaking. The girls are well known for their great dancing and frantic dance showdowns.

Some details of the interview for those who do not speak fluent Tagalog (the language of the Philippines)

Mariposa says before Wowowee she was in the beauty content 'Calendar Girls'. She says she is very happy. She's happy when she dances and of course is happy for the TV exposure. She was overwhelmed when she first saw the audience smiling and clapping.

Luningning says she is 23 years old, 5 foot 1 high and the eldest of 6 siblings. She is the family breadwinner. She helped her brother finish his studies in electronics and her other siblings are still quite young.

The interviewer, Edu, says to Milagring that the names Luningning and Mariposa can be heard in the provinces but Milagring is not a common name. Milagring says that it was given to her by their director, Direk Bobot Mortiz after Luningning. Edu jokes that the name is like 'Milagrosang bigas', miracle rice and that as Milagring holds the money in the Pera o Bayong part of the show, maybe she can deliver a miracle.

A big thanks to A, for the details of the interview.

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13 Jan 2009 04:58 by jella_24
Hi!!! Milagring,,,
ang cute moh nman,,,,
31 Dec 2008 02:16 by wen
I just want to give u my comm.bout
u'r camera man,can you just focus u'r ca-
mera to the dancers when there dancing?
u move u'r camera so fast that it well give
us a head husband is always wa-
ting for the showdown of luningning and IC.
but he complains cause u move u'r camera so fast.can u just slow down a little bit?PLEASE.thank u and more power to u'r prog-
say hi to darling wellie


14 Dec 2008 06:03 by haney d biggest fun of asf dancers.lalo na
c luningning ang lambot kc ng katawn nya.
6 Dec 2008 03:54 by janjan
alam ninyo guyzzzz ang pinakamaganda para sakin ai c luning2x.magaling na nga syang sumayaw maganda pa ,......yung 2 girl wala bintbat kay luning2x...........lahat ng pilipino sa buong mundo panoorin ay abs-cbn channel
26 Nov 2008 08:32 by Lulu
I wish that Luningning will have more dancing episode. They keep on having RR dance but she can't really dance. Why not let the professional dancers like Luningning do it. RR can probably do other things but not dance.
Milagring and Mariposa are good also. More power to these dancers. I hope that the wowwowee management can see actual talent .
Hope to see Luningning,Milagring and Mariposa in San Diego!!
20 Oct 2008 09:47 by annie
where's luningning? Haven't seen here lately in the pasalog segment. thanks for the feedback.
18 Oct 2008 10:17 by khim
pag patuloy u po ung gngawa u.. nd wak laki ulo.. marami kng na papasayang tao.. kung gstu mo q ka txtm8 sbhin u lng, kung na papa saya mo kmi sa telvtion.. pa2ngitiin nmn kita kung may prob. ka.. khim..aka ka pedring 09156007460
15 Oct 2008 11:16 by lanie
nwala n si jenny kc nagkababy na cya
24 Sep 2008 11:01 by sim
hi milagring my bf ka na ba?
27 Aug 2008 05:36 by reymark
>>>>i love you milagring yur d most beutiful sa asf dancers..
5 Aug 2008 02:54 by james
mahal kita milagring 4ever sana magkikita tayo i love u 4ever yan
21 Jun 2008 07:55 by anne
maganda si milagring pero cute naman si luningnig....
at makinis ,maputi,,,c milagring kasi hindi tapos macho pah..
mas magaling pang sumayaw si luningnig kay sa kanya
actually idol ng cebu si luningning
sya naman ang leader syempre sya ang magaling
dont compare danna to her kc ang sagwa malayo lang sya ano
11 Jun 2008 07:26 by ehehm
MILIGReen is the prettiest from all of them, BUT LUNINGNING is the best dancers from all of them too..
love them alll...
3 Jun 2008 10:21 by jcrhose
hi, just call me rose.u know wat i idolize u.ang galing2x muh kcng sumayaw.i always watch u in wowowee.sna mameet n kta.kakahiya man sbhn,gf aq
16 May 2008 08:34 by Demonaire
ang ganda talaga ni mariposa graveh mahal na kita...i luv u....mwah!
crush kita mariposa at si aiko pero kung papipiliin ako sa inyong dalawa kaw lng no.1 sa puso ko mariposa...
sana ma date kita...TcGB
24 Apr 2008 02:39 by jowin
How old is milagring? And what happen to jenny tecson? :(
10 Apr 2008 08:57 by bendang
actually, msa maganda c milagring among the 2 pero mas lyk q sumayaw c luningning kze graceful cya...
5 Apr 2008 06:05 by jellica
hi milagring!!!i luv u so much....ikaw lng tlga ang inaantay q s wowowee!!!!sana makita kita s personal...ang galing mong sumayaw!!!ganda moh....ayoko kay mariposa forever...mas magaling k kaysa sa kanya...trying hard kasi sya eh,,,ikaw natural lang...gus2 q rin nmn c luningning pero mas gus2 q c milagring....alam mo,saulo q n lht ng dance steps nio sa in lahat lahat!!!!
2 Apr 2008 01:06 by marc
milagring talagang type kita hmmmm....lagi kitang pinapanood dito sa TFC! hope someday we will meet in person!....
29 Mar 2008 12:55 by piolo
danna luv u
6 Mar 2008 06:28 by gin london UK
yes milagring is one of the most beautiful girls in the asf dancers, my children and grand daughter loves them all especially luningning and milagring they are like my daughters.
26 Feb 2008 12:34 by grace
luningning mariposa milagring ang gagaling ninyong sumayaw idol ko kayo pupunta kami s bakasion dya nila daday ha....wait lang kayo ha ingat take care god bless you . bye bye.ingat lagi ha.......
23 Feb 2008 09:49 by rose
ang galaing talaga ni MARIPOSa!!!
at ang ganda pa..
keep up da good work
idol ka ng taga agusan del norte
8 Jan 2008 11:59 by ALEX
24 Dec 2007 07:17 by anne
alam nyo ba mas maganda ang mga sexbomb kaysa sa mga asf dancers o.a nyo kc................................
24 Dec 2007 07:13 by kevz
lam u ba na ang o.e nyo minsan dpat ay magstudy kayo sa dancing
15 Dec 2007 10:10 by erwin
kantutan nalang d ako titigil basta kantutan nalang o talik nalang kami tatlo
31 Oct 2007 06:13 by Commodore
yup Agree ako sa inyong lahat, c milagring lang talaga ang inaabangan ko sa kanilang lahat... d kumpleto araw ko pag d ko nakikita c milagring.. love u Danna---
16 Oct 2007 10:25 by jameele
c Luningning tlagah ang pinaka magaLing ..sExy..@magAndAh!!!..waahhhhh!!..iL0veyAh talagah luningning id0L tLagah kiTah..!!!!!waaahhhh!...gus2 kiTang makiTah at maka showdown!!!>...ikAw talagah ang inaabangan ko lagi na sumayAw sa wowowee!!!!...,,
fAvoRiTe ko rin cNah maRia ..@ icko!!!!!...
13 Oct 2007 09:20 by eve
milagring is the most beatiful and prettiest in all asf's dancer..... she has the sweetest smile and so gorgeous.....
12 Oct 2007 01:06 by coR
yeah!ur ryt guyz!in fact she's d reason y i always watch d show!i love u danna a.k.a milgring! ur d best!hope i can b listed on ur friendster's list..does anyone know her e-add??
6 Oct 2007 08:41 by james
ang ganda talaga nina luningning, milagring, at mariposa!sana nanjan din si aiko!
4 Oct 2007 06:30 by jH!@y
para sa akin maganda cla lahat at sexy pa!!!!!!
4 Oct 2007 06:29 by jH@y Ar
i luv the three of them because ang ganda nila lahat at magaling sumayaw!!!!!!!! at sexy pa silang lahat..
4 Oct 2007 03:09 by bertoxz
talagang maganda c milagring...luv you danna!!!
28 Sep 2007 07:58 by Derek
Danna da best!!..ahaha
18 Sep 2007 05:20 by chummin
i love asf...i like milagring then luning2x
9 Sep 2007 05:37 by AngelsNote
i agree c milagring ang pinakamaganda ^^ luv u milagring
31 Aug 2007 12:00 by angel
hey,,,,,,,milagring yow s pretty infact you r the most beatiful in the asf dancers i hpe ur gud also outsidr tha camera..........o.k god bless to u