Jeffrey Deaver came to Lincoln I jumped at the chance to go to his book signing.


Jeffrey Deaver book signing

Friday 03 Aug 2007 17:58

When Jeffrey Deaver came to Lincoln I jumped at the chance to go to his book signing. For those who you who don't know, Deaver is the author of many mystery thrillers including The Bone Collector which was made into a successful film starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. Thanks to T from the office for inviting me.

I've never been to a book signing so it was all new to me and I didn't know what to expect. Tickets had been limited so it wasn't too crowded, maybe 40-50 people. After a complimentary orange juice (wine was also available) and a short wait, Mr Deaver arrived. He walked up to the podium, introduced himself and began to read from the first chapter of his new book, 'The Sleeping Doll'. I have to say I was amazed as he read for maybe fifteen minutes without a single stutter or misplaced word.

Afterwards he began his presentation and I liked his straight forward no-nonsense approach to his business of writing books for his readers (not himself) and being here to sell them, likening his works to mint or liver flavoured toothpaste - "no-one wants to buy liver flavoured toothpaste" he stated - in essence meaning he writes what he readers want to read in order to sell his books. Deaver was witty, quick minded and a very interesting person.

Then came Q & A where in response to audience questions Deaver revealed much about his book writing process, including that he starts with very simple ideas and then spends months formulating the story line and plot before writing any prowse which he only starts when he's happy with his ideas.

The night ended with the book signing itself. This was well handled with an assistant taking names for dedications on post-it notes avoiding Mr Deaver having to constantly ask about spelling of names and speeding the whole process up. Deaver took time to answer questions and talk to his fans during the signing and was nice enough to pose with me and T from the office when it came to our turn. You could have as many books signed as you liked, but those with a rucksack full (and yes, there were a few) were asked to get a few done at a time, returning to the back of the queue each time.

All in all a great night!

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