AVI no audio - 0x6771 Ogg Vorbis 3 PLUS

Sunday 13 May 2007 15:46

I've just downloaded an AVI movie and when I played it there was video but no audio. Clearly it was a codec problem, but how to resolve it? Codecs are those pieces of software in your system responsible for decoding video and audio. Without the right codec, you're stuffed.

I started by downloading GSpot, a piece of software which will tell you (among other information) the codecs a movie uses and whether or not you have them installed. After running GSpot and dropping my problem file onto it I could see clearly that I did not have the codec to decode the audio. It even listed the codec I needed 0x6771 (Ogg Vorbis 3 PLUS).

Finding the right Ogg Vorbis codec has been a real pain though, and from the various forums I read, I'm not the only one. To simply visit the Ogg Vorbis site and download the latest codec was no solution. LINK UPDATED: 11 Aug 07 I found the version I needed here. UPDATED INSTUCTIONS. After downloading that ZIP file, unzip it. Then right click "vorbisacm.inf" and select install. This will register the codec on your system and hopefully you'll be away.

Other codec versions I tried resulted in still no audio or sometimes a deafening squealing noise. Seems this was the one for my problem file.

Update: I've kept a copy of the codec and will host it myself, if in the future I cannot find further links to it.

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1 May 2011 08:24 by Anonymous
Excellent! Thank you!
2 Mar 2011 02:25 by ghosstryda
kudos! no other instruction on web as clear and concise!
21 Feb 2011 06:28 by Blue bear
Thank you so much. you're such a kind and skilfull one. Thank you
17 Oct 2010 08:21 by Roman
The installment under Win x64 would be a little bit different.
How to install the codec in Vista/W7 or in x64 systems:
7 Sep 2010 04:41 by peter liu
thanks a million
19 Aug 2010 11:27 by Dunga
Thanks a lot mate!
14 Jun 2010 03:45 by x400
Could someone help me (hope someone still reads this) But i can't install the file.. i right click install something flickers on/off the screen but the video files audio still doesnt work (and yes its the exact same codec needed)

14 Jun 2010 03:45 by x400
Could someone help me (hope someone still reads this) But i can't install the file.. i right click install something flickers on/off the screen but the video files audio still doesnt work (and yes its the exact same codec needed)

19 May 2010 05:25 by 201flyer
Worked !!! Finally, after too many other things failed!
11 May 2010 03:27 by hinagikian
thank you so much my problem has solved! :D
30 Mar 2010 12:56 by jaywhye
Hi peeps, is there an alternative solution for Ogg vorbis 3 plus to work? As the vorbisacm codec didn't work in windows 7.
23 Mar 2010 03:01 by stuka
you've been very helpful, my problem is finally solved. bless you friend!
20 Mar 2010 07:19 by Kenny
Thanks!! its really working now
11 Mar 2010 03:40 by jedi69
Thanks a miilion mate
22 Feb 2010 11:40 by nieviv
tks a million!
8 Feb 2010 01:53 by leper
Thank you so much! I installed many versions of vorbisacm and nothing worked, was just about to give up until say your post and it worked immediately!!
5 Feb 2010 04:29 by Griffith_101
Thanks very much!!!! You've saved me hours of painstaking work. Cheers!
1 Feb 2010 10:39 by Ryan
finally found the right codec, thank you so much! You're the man!!
15 Jan 2010 06:45 by Mark23
Thank you so much :)
7 Jan 2010 02:29 by krakozor
Thank you !
This is the only codec that works for my og3+ files.
6 Jan 2010 03:19 by Me
Oh god thank you thank you a bazillion times oh so very much thank you! I was being driven slowly insane by trying to get my codecs to work and you solved my problems with that update link!! I wish I was female so I could have your love babies!!!!!!!!!
8 Dec 2009 11:40 by skonealone

i had the SAME PROBLEMS like you!
and ONLY the CODEC in YOUR POST save me!!!

now i will convert the video to some other popular one.. so that from next time i wont have this kind of issue :)
13 Nov 2009 01:30 by soccon
Thank you !
3 Nov 2009 08:24 by Boogieman
My avi's finally has sound now. Thank dude. You're the man.
29 Oct 2009 02:33 by Mancer
Thanks! I have been struggling for months, to solve this problem. You've been very helpfull. Many Thanks!
12 Sep 2009 01:37 by Queeny
Brill, now i dont have to search for hours for diff codecs. thx alot for the post and link
7 Aug 2009 02:28 by PeterV
Thank you! I only have one file that uses this codec, but it is a favourite.

5 Aug 2009 11:22 by PC

4 Aug 2009 07:30 by aroenche
Thanks a million, this workes perfectly. Everything you mentioned in your post was my experience as well, the codec from the Vorbis site did nothing. This one solved the problem, and my sanity.
15 Jul 2009 02:06 by Ryan
"After downloading that ZIP file, unzip it. Then right click "vorbisacm.inf" and select install."
I've done that, but I wasn't able to install the code, a copy error message pop up, why is that anyone knows? please help!!
15 Jun 2009 12:57 by Idoyalaa
It works! It works!
Thanks you so much.
1 Jun 2009 05:27 by Lizza
Thanks! At last I can listen the audio in "Excuse me 1" :D
20 May 2009 10:00 by Anger Management Techniques
Thank you! You saved me hours of searching.
5 May 2009 05:48 by Stvoy
thanks dude Youre the Good:-D
5 May 2009 08:40 by mar
27 Apr 2009 06:54 by Man in the Street
Thanks for the correct codec after I spent fucking around for too long.

I owe you a drink.
3 Apr 2009 03:08 by tonysuffolk
May I also add my thanks. The solution worked perfectly. Why on earth should videos have sound encoded with such an odd codec? It would seem there are enough of these videos around for the required codec to be more widely available
3 Apr 2009 09:49 by potatotomato
thanks man! i was plonking around the net for a few hours. Not to mention enabling and disabling the codecs i had installed. managed to narrow it down to ACM3 but took forever to figure out why it still didnt jive. Worse still i ended up with sound and no picture. Dont know how that happened but all is fine and dandy now. U da man!
8 Mar 2009 11:03 by txcv
thank you very much!
8 Mar 2009 06:54 by Dx
Thanks a lot, man! I had exactly the same problem and your solution worked like a charm!
30 Jan 2009 06:13 by Roberto
You're the best. This is the only codec that works, thanks
1 Dec 2008 09:55 by Hellboy
Great... solve my problem, too... Thanks.
17 Nov 2008 04:18 by mikeysmusic
Thank you for this! I really appreciate not having to research this to death!!
2 Nov 2008 01:54 by Remos
Thanks! Very helpful.
31 Oct 2008 11:34 by clown
Great job, Bravo!!!
31 Oct 2008 11:33 by clown
Bravo!!! You fixed my problem tonight.
I did try another version of ogg codec but doesn't work indeed.
31 Oct 2008 05:01 by B48
It's GREAT!!!
Thanks alot man
8 Oct 2008 02:20 by Witchywillow
Thanks a lot, very helpful!
5 Oct 2008 07:53 by gl7
same strange avi with ogg sound, download and tested work, thanks~
18 Sep 2008 10:11 by kirouki
Thank you so much, been struggling with this for ages!
8 Aug 2008 04:46 by Zenith
Thanks so much...
18 Jul 2008 06:21 by jing
thank you very much ,it really save me
13 Jul 2008 11:55 by andre
Sorry but for some reason after i downloaded the file it won't let me istall. please help, been having this problem for the longest time
27 Jun 2008 09:49 by bobaloo
Dude, you rock. I have been trying to find this for a while now!!! Thanks a bunch!

24 Jun 2008 03:51 by Yogi
Cool, it really helped.

VERY useful site!

16 May 2008 09:43 by batman
Works great! Thanks!!!
29 Apr 2008 04:35 by Pat
...wow this thing work thankyou very much.........so tired of this codec thing
26 Apr 2008 01:44 by opmo
thanks alot!!! tried a half dozen other ogg codecs, was about to give up on it
10 Apr 2008 03:07 by aloi
Thank you from Russia!=) Link you shared works!
20 Mar 2008 08:01 by J
Thx alot! works great!
29 Feb 2008 03:03 by xnd
Hi there,

I've got the same problem with the audio of the video using this codec but the link provided doesn't work anymore.

Anyway to help by providing a copy of the codec ?

Thanks in advance !!!
26 Dec 2007 10:13 by rifaccio
finally ur solution works also for me.
13 Dec 2007 04:20 by midas33
Just ran into a downloaded avi file with no audio, and your codec worked perfectly. Thanks!
11 Dec 2007 11:14 by sleepydael
stumbled across your website from google, fixed my problem. thanks heaps
24 Sep 2007 08:48 by Bart Grefte
Just ran into an avi file which needed a specific ogg codec... The one from vorbis.com didn't work. But this one did!

15 Sep 2007 07:23 by Nasdak
Wow, that helped a lot. Thanks!
11 Sep 2007 06:55 by Witz End
Again, thanks.

Been around the net nine times, installing codec pack after codec pack and yours was the only solution that worked.

1 Sep 2007 03:15 by Some One
Excellent, this worked for me also fixing that exact problem listed in gspot. For some reason I needed that even though I had the normal ogg vorbis codec installed.
29 Aug 2007 07:26 by Hoefnix
Thanks this one did it
26 Aug 2007 01:36 by indicatoto101
Didn't realize the vorbisacm file was an install file. Thanks.
22 Aug 2007 12:01 by miss
I have the same problem.. the link is not opening
11 Aug 2007 10:57 by KevBlog
Link Updated!
7 Aug 2007 08:09 by Nick
I have the same problem, but the link in your post doesn't work anymore!! :(
18 Jul 2007 09:24 by General BiSoN
i had the SAME PROBLEMS like you!
and ONLY the CODEC in YOUR POST save me!!!

MFG: General BiSoN